What’s your steampunk personality?

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Part of what makes steampunk so fun is that it’s got its cast of stock charaters–the aviator, the swashbuckler, the aristocrat, etc.  But if you’re like me, you waffle about which one you want to be.  Boy when I was trying to make my costume, I just couldn’t decide between “rough-and-tumble” or “prim-and-proper”.

So I made up this handy-dandy quiz for those of you who just can’t decide either!  Just click on the picture and take the quiz to find out!

Tell me in the comments what your steampunk persona is!

I’m an Inventive (and slightly befuddled) Tinkerer.

  • http://www.carriekeepstyping.blogspot.com/ Carrie

    I’m a Downright Bonkers Scientist!


    Great quiz!

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      Uh-oh, I’d better steer clear of you…unless…will you hire me as a minion?? I’m pretty inventive, you know. ;)

  • http://theflightytemptress.wordpress.com Kat

    I am the Perfectly Polished Aristocrat. OHOHOHO. Clearly I must work on my frou-frou accent.

    Tut tut, my dear!

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      Hahahaha. I can already tell you’re as perfectly polished as your best silverware.

  • http://lo-hughes.blogspot.com Laura Hughes

    I’m a Perfectly Polished Aristocrat too! I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed about that or not haha!

    • http://theflightytemptress.wordpress.com Kat

      Clearly you should be offended that anyone would assume any different. And then sip your tea with a slightly disgusted look on your face. Finally, require your servants to wind the automaton maid just to entertain yourself.

      • http://susandennard.com Susan


        That’s AWESOME, Kat. Just awesome. Automaton maid = HILARIOUS.

        <3 <3 <3

    • http://www.screensiblings.com Caitlin Vanasse

      I’m joining Kat and Laura as a Perfectly Polished Aristocrat. Which totally makes sense because it was the fashion that attracted me to the cosplay side of the genre in the first place. As an aristocrat I can even dress up as these other characters for our fun costume balls when I’m bored!

      • http://susandennard.com Susan

        Nice! You can definitely use masked balls to experience the other side of steampunk…you’re clothes will just be of a finer fit and quality. ;)

  • http://www.liyanaland.com Liyana

    I’m a downright bonkers scientist by day. By night, you’ll see me testing out my nefarious schemes and inventions on hapless clockwork automatons–don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe and legal–as far as you know…

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      Niiiiiice. That’s clockwork minions are for, I suppose… You may be off your rocker and bent on world domination, but you aren’t hurting anyone. ;)

  • http://meredith4.blogspot.com Meredith

    I was on track to be a Perfectly Polished Aristocrat, but I started changing up my answers and wound up a Downright Bonkers Scientist. Basically, I’m a dirty cheater … so maybe a Downright Bonkers Scientist after all! :)

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      Yeah, cheating has indicated your TRUE COLORS, Meredith. ;)

  • http://aliciagregoire.blogspot.com Alicia Gregoire

    Such a fun quiz! I’m a Swashbuckling Airship Pirate.

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      Yay! You’re the first Airship Pirate–I think that means you have total control of the skies at this point. :D

  • http://www.hddodson.blogspot.com Holly

    I’m a Downright Bonkers Scientist, but you probably could have guessed as much. Muahahahahahaha!!!


    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      Um, there is a DEFINITE overpopulation of Bonkers Scientists.

      You guys are gonna have to duke out who gets to take over what nation…or else you’ll be pitted against each other (and nothing good can come of that). ;)

  • http://yahongchi.tumblr.com Yahong

    Looks like I’m a no-nonsense tough-as-nails officer. (I think that’s what I *wish* I were, not what I actually am… :P)

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      Uh-oh, you’re the first OFFICER. Looks like all these Swashbuckling Pirates had better beware — the LAW IS ON THE LOOSE. ;)

  • http://writealldreams.wordpress.com/ Adriana

    I am Swashbuckling Airship Pirate!! :D This is awesome :)

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      Yay! Another pirate to roam the skies and steal from the Perfectly Polished Aristocracy.

      • http://theflightytemptress.wordpress.com Kat

        No one is stealing from me! That’s what I have all this money for, to hire all those ragamuffin, protect-their-betters, “Tough-as-Nails” officers. Also, I have been using too many hyphens. Tut-tut!

        They may, however, steal from the *other* PPAs. That way, I shall be the richest of them all.

  • LunaMoth

    Swashbuckling airship pirate!

    that was very fun, the answers were quite funny.

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      OOOH, another PIRATE! Our steampunk universe really has an overabundance of BAD and NOT-SO-GOOD guys… Bonkers Scientists and Airship Pirates seem to abound. :D

  • http://www.piratepenguinreads.blogspot.com Sandy (Pirate Penguin!)

    I also came out as a Swashbuckling Airship Pirate! It makes sense, considering my name and all… ;)

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      Hahaha — yes! It does make sense! Shall we call you Airship Pirate Penguin Sandy?

      • http://www.piratepenguinreads.blogspot.com Sandy

        Sure! I may not be the only pirate in the sky but I think I’m the only penguin to be floating around in the clouds xD

  • http://lorettanyhan.blogspot.com Loretta Nyhan

    Oooh, I’m a swashbuckling airship pirate! Good! I always wanted my own rag-tag crew.

    This was fun!

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      Oh wow, the skies are getting crowded! We may have to have some crazy clockwork battles in the clouds to deal with all these PIRATES!

  • http://writealldreams.wordpress.com/ Adriana

    Woooooow, way too many pirates here! Look, that’s MY treasure –or it will be as soon as I steal it. Don’t even think of taking it… grrr


    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      You’re gonna have to be sneaky, methinks! Look, I’ll make an explosive from my coffee canister and spectacles, and we can use that as a distraction — but you GOTTA split the treasure with me, alright?

      • http://writealldreams.wordpress.com/ Adriana

        I’ll be so sneaky I wont even see mahself ;D I think we have a plan, Sooz!

  • http://cuentagirl.livejournal.com Brenda Agaro

    I am an Inventive (and slightly befuddled) Tinkerer.

    It suits me. ;P

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      Hahaha, it suits me too!

  • Jan

    I a befuddled tinkerer too! Always had more fun thinking Outside the box. What a fun quiz. Looks like we’ll have our work cut out for us, so I’m heading back to my “workshop”.

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      Yay for more tinkerers! We can fight all those Downright Bonkers Scientists…or at least even the odds in favor of Her Majesty. ;)

  • Nell

    I am a Inventive (and slightly befuddled) Tinkerer too. :)

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      WOOO, we tinkerers are making an all-out comeback! Now our poor No-Nosense Officers are all alone…

      • Ash

        Yep. I just saw this video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOgpdp3lP8M
        How steampunk-y is that? :)

        • http://susandennard.com Susan

          GAR! I can’t watch it. :( Stupid out-of-US rules. BOOOOOOO. You’ll just have to tell me what happened…

        • http://writealldreams.wordpress.com/ Adriana

          Sooo, I was horrible and clicked on it (even though the link wasn’t for me) and: IT WAS AWESOME! :D I’ve listened to it waaaay too many times now ;)

        • http://theflightytemptress.wordpress.com Kat

          They must just hate Germany, because it worked here in Japan. I shall have to agree with Adriana: super steampunky goodness.

        • Ash

          Panic at the Disco’s news song, The Ballad of Mona Lisa is steampunk themed music video and it’s awesome. You need to watch it, somehow!

          • http://susandennard.com Susan

            Oh WOW, that’s AWESOME. Thanks so much for sharing! :D I’m glad you told me what it was. Wicked cool!

  • kathy

    Another Swashbuckling Airship Pirate flying the (not so) friendly skies. :)

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      Ah yes–those skies are getting testier and testier! Keep your eyes (and monocular) peeled for unsavories. ;)

  • http://www.nancycoffeyliterary.com Sara

    This is AWESOME. I’m going to try and talk you into doing this again come pub date.

    Oh, and I’m a Swashbuckling Airship Pirate. The skies are now mine.

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      I’ll definitely do it again! And, I was thinking, I could make a new one when the pub date is closer:

      What’s your spirit-hunting style? :)

  • http://henya-writingismylife.blogspot.com/ henya

    Ohhhhh…that was fun!!!!

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      Thanks, Henya! :D

  • http://claudiea.blogspot.com Claudie A.

    Yay, I’m a tinkerer tool! This was a hilarious test, Susan. Loved it!

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      Yay! I’m glad to hear it Claudie! And yay for another inventor!

  • http://brandimziegler.wordpress.com Brandi

    I’m a no-nonsense, tough as nails officer just like my dad :D

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      Phew–we need more officers. At this point, our pirates are taking over everything! ;)

    • http://yahongchi.tumblr.com Yahong

      YES, Brandi! Let us bring down the justice of the law upon these rascals!

  • http://vvb32reads.blogspot.com/ vvb

    LOL – that was fun
    i’m a Perfectly Polished Aristocrat – and so i thought…

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      Yay! We need more Aristocrats to be in charge around here! :D

  • Brenna

    Finally got a chance to take the quiz! I’m a No-nonsense, Tough-as-nails Officer. :)

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      That doesn’t surprise me at all!! <3

  • http://katharineowens.blogspot.com/ Katharine Owens

    No-nonsense, Tough-as-nails Officer for me, too.

    • http://susandennard.com Susan

      FINALLY the odds are evening out. Maybe these scalawag pirates won’t be dominating the skies after all… ;)

  • http://www.amiekaufman.com Amie Kaufman

    I am a perfectly polished aristo. How lucky I have all you unpolished sorts about to protect me.

  • Noeim

    I’m a swash-buckling airship pirate

  • amber

    Swashbuckling Airship Pirate

  • Stephen Brewer

    Aristocrat? I’d rather prefer a blacksmith.