Short Internet Break…

Hey guys, I know I promised a second post for the "How to Write a Romance" series, but clearly that's not happening. I'll be honest: my wrists are shot. They've been getting worse and I've been ignoring the pain (these wrist support bands are just for style!),...

6 Tips for a Successful Con

It's CONVENTION TIME!! This month marks the beginning of what I consider "con season". With RT starting tomorrow (see my schedule here) and then many more cons to follow (BEA, RWA, Comic Con, World Con, Dragon*Con, etc.), I have to get myself in The Convention Zone....

First Readers and Critique Partners

Today's post is sort of a catch-all post on critique partners. Links, terms, and advice (hopefully good advice!) follow, but to start, I'll share the question that prompted today's post: Okay, so I was wondering how you set up your critique partnerships and if you...

Balancing Description and Avoiding Infodump

Ahhhhh, the dreaded infodump. It's so easy for any writer to accidentally do, and it's also so easy for any reader to lose patience with. 😉 But there are ways to weave in description and setting and backstory WITHOUT bogging down a scene. It all has to do with timing...

Pub(lishing) Crawl: Planning a Series

A few weeks ago, I got this question in my inbox: How would you go about outlining [a trilogy]? Would you outline it as a whole or each book individually? Awesome question! And obviously, everyone outlines/plans series differently, so I can only tell you how I plan a...

Researching Your Novel

Recently, I received a question in the Daydreamers forum about research--where I do it, how I do it. I actually did a series on this forever ago (like, 4 years!! Can you believe I've been blogging so long?!), so now seems like a good time to re-address this subject....

Win a signed advanced copy of FROZEN by Erin Bowman!

I'm back from Seattle, and I've got an awesome giveaway for you. Why? Because Frozen by Erin Bowman releases in 1 WEEK!!! 4/15 to be exact. I can't believe a whole year has passed since Taken launched, but I'm also glad because now YOU can read the sequel too!! So, to...

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