Something Strange & Deadly

SS&D Book Club, Week 1 Discussions!

Hey guys!! Thank you for an AWESOME first week in our book club discussion! It was really cool to read everyone’s answers.

If you’d still like to join in on the discussions, then that’s TOTALLY cool and I’d love to have you! Just be sure you sign up for it on this form. 🙂

If you missed my video on Wednesday, be sure to check out my atrocious reading skills. I tried to at least make all the background and music pretty, to compensate for my painful audio-book skills. Still, I hope you enjoy this brief excerpt!

If you haven’t yet stopped by the Epic Reads discussion board, please do! They’ve got some fun conversations going on–including a discussion of our question this week. To remind you, the question was:

Eleanor finds herself with next to nothing at the start of A Darkness Strange and Lovely. Do you think she is justified in leaving Philadelphia and leaving behind her mother? On the flip side, can you put yourself in Mrs. Fitt’s shoes and understand why she might be so cruel toward Eleanor?

The most common response seems to be that yes, Mrs. Fitt was in fact justified given the time period…but that it doesn’t necessarily make her right. She should still have give poor Eleanor a bit more love. 🙁 (Read more…)

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Something Strange & Deadly Book Club Week 1

Welcome to week 1 in the Something Strange & Deadly book club!

I’m SO amazed by the amount of people who have signed up, and I hope–as the word spreads–that more people might jump in! If you know of anyone interested in joining, please direct them to the sign-up form here.

And–whether you participate in this book club or not–you’ll definitely want to stop by the Epic Reads discussion board! So far they’ve…

Now, I’m sure many of you are wondering how exactly my  book club works. Basically, I have the week’s discussion questions (one for book 1 and one for book 2) below. You have all of August to answer these, and you can answer them anywhere on the web (that’s publicly visible, of course).

If you don’t want to answer this week’s discussion question, that’s fine! You can chime in next week…or the next. Or even in the final week. One discussion qualifies you for the participation prize. 🙂 What is the prize? A copy of the e-novella A Dawn Most Wicked or an exclusive cut scene from A Darkness Strange and Lovely.

Of course, if you want to be eligible for this week’s EPIC giveaway, you’ll want to be sure you answer this week’s discussion question somewhere on the web (publicly visible, of course) before Monday of next week, when I choose a winner! (Read more…)

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Something Strange & Deadly Book Club

Hey guys! This August, Something Strange & Deadly is the book club pick for Epic Reads! YAY! 😀

Because of this, New Leaf Literary has decided to do something fun and different…Something fun and different that involves ZOMBIE PICTURES. If you want to give it a go, you can be entered to win signed swag and e-books and hardcovers from New Leaf Literary!

Basically, to enter, you just need to take a picture of YOU in zombie garb! Put the picture Tumblr with the hashtag #Strange&Deadly, and then you’re IN! Oh, and you can find details on the contest here. 🙂

I too want to celebrate being the book club pick, so I thought it might be fun to do my own book club to coincide with theirs–but I’ll also include A Darkness Strange & Lovely, for those of you who’ve already read or are reading book 2.

When Will This Happen:

The book club will begin August 5, and run until August 31.

New discussion questions will appear each Monday (8/5, 8/12, 8/18, 8/26) and giveaway winners will be announced the following Mondays.

How This Will Work:

Each Monday in August, I will ask a discussion question on my blog as well as on my TumblrFacebookTwitter, and even my under-used YouTube. If you want to participate, you can respond to the question on any of those same social media sites.

Of course, you don’t HAVE to respond to my discussion question–you can really talk about whatever you like that relates to Something Strange & Deadly or A Darkness Strange & Lovely–or even A Dawn Most Wicked.

Also, if you sign up below to participate, I will email you links to the discussion questions each Monday–but don’t worry. I will never bother you with emails again after this or share your email with anyone. (Read more…)

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A Darkness Strange & Lovely is here!

Darkness has finally come to the City of Light…

Okay, that sounds kinda weird, but you catch my drift. The second book in the Something Strange and Deadly series is FINALLY in stores!!

It’s such a weird feeling because I finished this book over a year ago–before book 1 had even released–and it’s, you know, only just know shipping out to readers. But it’s also a wonderful feeling because watching readers get enthusiastic about a scene or excited about a character makes ME excited all over again. I feel that same rush I felt while drafting the story, and that’s a pretty incredible thing.

I won’t bother you all with a long post promoting myself or my book–if you want to read it, I have no doubt you’ll find it. 🙂

Instead, I just want to say thank you. I’ve a come a long way in the past year–as a writer, as a blogger, as a writing teacher, and as a human being in general–and a lot of my growth is thanks to YOU all.

There is honest-to-goodness nothing more rewarding than getting a blog post comment, a tweet, an email, a Tumblr question, a Facebook like–WHATEVER. Hearing from you guys online and at events reminds me that what I’m doing matter…and wow, that’s a powerful feeling.

So thank you. I really, really hope you enjoy A Darkness Strange and Lovely.

Oh, and if you’d like a signed or even personalized copy of the book, be sure to head here and learn how (it’s the same price as buying it in a store!).

Lots of love to you all, and never forget to ALWAYS AIM FOR THE KNEES!!

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A Darkness Strange and Lovely Updates & Giveaways!!

This will be brief and to the point because I have a million things going on. 🙂 That said, I promise a Real Post with Real Content on Monday (it’ll be over on Pub Crawl).

Update #1: The blog tour is in full swing! There is a HUGE AND EPIC giveaway going on for 5 hardcovers of A Darkness Strange and Lovely + 5 paperbacks of Something Strange and Deadly + 5 e-novellas of A Dawn Most Wicked.

Here are the various stops we’ve had so far:

There are more to come next week, so stay tuned! Oh, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway! 😉 (Read more…)

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A Darkness Strange & Lovely giveaways, playlists, and Pacific Rim

So I saw Pacific Rim last night…

Guys, I have been excited about that film for almost a year now–ever since I first heard about it at San Diego Comic-Con last year. Honestly, it’s rare that I anticipate a film or get even remotely excited about its launch. It’s even more rare that I go see a film as soon as it opens.

But man, Pacific Rim. Pacific Rim, guys.

This movie blew my mind. It was everything I wanted and more. I’m not usually an action movie person–I like characters more than explosions…

But MAN, Pacific Rim!

It had characters that were developed just enough for me to love and action that didn’t make my eyes glaze over. Plus, there was a kickass girl–like, kickass–and it was so refreshing to see her. And refreshing to not have romance.

It was the world, though, that really got me. The details was so insane–from the Shatterdome to the Bone Slums to the inside of the Jaegers. WOW. It was everything my inner tween, who was obsessed with Robotech/Gundam Wing, Blade Runner, and basically mecha & gritty sci-fi of any kind, wanted to see. Hell, it was everything the adult me wanted too, and I hope-hope-hope we see more mecha and more Pacific Rim stuff in the future. (Read more…)

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$1.99 e-book of Something Strange and Deadly!

In case you haven’t already seen me obnoxiously tweeting this announcement, the $1.99 sale for the Something Strange and Deadly e-book is STILL running! You can buy the book at any of your usual e-tailers, and the offer runs until 7/14/2013.

In other news–while I have you here–I’ve updated the Something Strange and Deadly website. It is, I hope, a bit easier to navigate. Plus, I’ve added some historical content to go along with A Dawn Most Wicked. Check it out if you have a chance. Oh, and historical content for book 2 will be coming along soon. 🙂

(Read more…)

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Paperback launch and 1 MONTH UNTIL BOOK 2!

My friend Erin got a paperback today...and she's awesome for it.

But what really makes this day special is that I am now officially allowed to declare “Paperback Writer” by The Beatles as my personal anthem. Okay, not that I particularly identify with the lyrics in this old gem, but it IS one of my all time favorite Beatles tunes.

To celebrate the launch of the paperback, I am giving away a signed copy of it!

AND, to celebrate the fact that A DARKNESS STRANGE AND LOVELY RELEASES IN EXACTLY 4 WEEKS, I’ll also be giving away a signed ARC of it!

YAY for Eleanor and the Spirit-Hunters going to Paris!! I am just so excited for you all to read the sequel! To get YOU as amped up as I am, I have prepared a bit of lead-up PROMO to celebrate the book 2 launch in 27 days. So stay tuned for twitter giveaways, blog tours, new extra content, and more!

Now onto the giveaway. It’s open INTERNATIONALLY and will run for two weeks–so start your engines…and GO! ♥

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Some updates & a call for questions!

So this post will be brief. :-/ I returned from my epic 3-week tour and was slapped with a few deadlines and a nice cold. I love deadlines because they force me to get ‘er done. 😉 I don’t love colds because they make me grouchy and lazy.

Moving on. First off, if you haven’t yet seen the extra Something Strange and Deadly scene on Epic Reads, then head over there now! It’s Daniel’s point of view and should show a bit of insight into who that scalawag really is.

Read about me...or rather Daniel Sheridan, who looks like me, in A DAWN MOST WICKED!

Of course, if you really want full insight into Daniel, then you can read A Dawn Most Wicked. It’s pretty much a tell-all exposé of this grumpy Spirit-Hunter who looks a lot like Max Irons. (Hotcha, hotcha!)

Second bit of news: if you missed the Young Authors Give Back Tour recap, then check it out. Or just peruse our Tumblr…or my facebook album. In a nutshell: WE HAD LOADS OF FUN. And kids are good writers.

Oh, and there’s an epic giveaway on the blog post. You should enter it.

OTHER NEWS, we are only 31 days away from the launch of A Darkness Strange and Lovely and OH MY GOD WHERE DID THE LAST YEAR GO?! It’s crazy how time flies when you’re witing-revising-toiling-meeting deadlines-writing-crying-screaming-writing having fun. I’ve got some super amazing things planned–giveaways being among those amazing things–so stay tuned, dear readers.

Onto something totally different: NaNoWriMo and I have become buddies. They did an interview with me last week and then yesterday was #my1ststory day! You can see all the stories people shared on Tumblr or Twitter, or you can just check out my own. 🙂

Okay, now onto the meat of this post: questions. Specifically, questions from you guys. I asked for topic suggestions or burning questions a few months back, and I duly answered almost every single one (I will address the remaining handful soon). But if you’ve got any new questions of a pressing nature–be they publishing related, writing related, inspiration related, SS&D-related, or even me-related, feel free to ask in the comments below.

And now, my friends, I am heading back to work so that I may meet my deadlines and deliver a shiny book 3 to you next summer. 😉

Susan out.

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A DAWN MOST WICKED releases today!

I am just so, so, so thrilled that the e-novella A Dawn Most Wicked is available today. You can buy it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and iTunes.

I love this cover. The Mississippi River at dawn is just so perfect for this story.

Even cooler, I have signed up for Authorgraph, so if you get the kindle version of the book, I can send you an e-version of my autograph!

If you DON’T have a kindle or you want something physically signed, you can always get a bookplate or other signed swag. Just fill out the form here.

So a bit about A Dawn Most Wicked. When I wrote this story, I foolishly thought that writing a novella would somehow be easier than a full book. It’s only 100 pages, I thought. And it’s with characters I already know and in a world I already know–it’ll be a piece of cake.

HAHA. I was so wrong.

Piece of cake? Not even close. Cramming an entire story with character growth and relationship arcs–not to mention the vivid 1873 Mississippi setting–into 130 pages was darn near impossible. (Read more…)

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