Upcoming Shenanigans

Barnes & Noble at the Grove
with Holly Black & Victoria Aveyard
7 PM on 2/15/18
Los Angeles, CA


Mysterious Galaxy
with Holly Black
7PM on 2/16/18
San Diego, CA


Barnes & Noble at Neshaminy
with Elise Kova
2PM on 2/17/18
Bensalem, PA


with Lindsay Cummings
7PM on 2/19/18
Dallas, TX

Book People
with Vilma Gonzalez
7PM on 2/20/18
Austin, TX


Changing Hands
with Alexandra Bracken & Suzanne Young
7PM on 2/21/18
Tempe, AZ


NOVA Teen Book Festival
3/10/18, Schedule to Come
Arlington, VA

Contact Me for an Event

If you’re interested in working with me for an event — be it a school visit, library event, bookstore signing, whatever! — you can contact me here or contact my agent, Joanna Volpe (jvolpe@newleafliterary.com).

I LOVE meeting readers, teachers, booksellers, librarians, and just about anyone who loves books as much as I do. I also LOVE to teach writing workshops to writers of all ages.

How I Became a Writer

This presentation is appropriate for older teens and adults. It’s about facing fear and following dreams—a lesson I learned from the heroines of my favorite novels. The PowerPoint presentation delves into my journey from a dorky, lonely preteen to a world-traveling marine biologist and eventually published author. This presentation is 30 minutes, but I often get a lot of questions after.

How I Write a Book

This presentation is appropriate for middle school. It goes through the various sources of inspiration (music, movies, video games, Pinterest, books) along with lots of images and sound bites. This presentation is 45 minutes and often leads to TON of questions from the kids.

Writing a Novel & Getting it Published

 This hour long workshop + Power Point begins with a quick description of my journey to publication as well as my sources of writing inspiration (music, movies, video games, books, etc.). Then, I delve into an organic educational component that covers the basics of writing and publication (both traditional publication as well as self-publishing) and feeds on the attendees–their experience levels as well personal goals.

Young Writers Write!

This workshop is intended for ages 12-18. In addition to an extensive workshop packet detailing the basics of writing (plot, character, how to get published), I work with students on working with (or without!) outlines, writing for fun, and dealing with as well as giving external feedback from/to fellow writers. This workshop can be tailored for 1 hour to 1.5 hours, and it involves lots of interacting.


“Susan Dennard was such a fun person to hang out with for the weekend she was here for our event. She was a wonderful speaker and related to all ages. She was easy going and even willing to do the spur of the moment things like participate in our science demo on the Tesla coil! I would definitely recommend her!”

Annette Freesman

former Director of Historical Programming, Grout Museum District

“Susan’s appearance for our event was amazing. I loved meeting Susan at the Grout Museum District and speaking to her about her books and other books we and other participants admired. She was so friendly and lovely even though she must have been exhausted from her flight and drive. My favorite part of her visit was her presentation at the Cedar Falls Public Library. She spoke about her road to becoming a published author: her time writing fan fiction, her college experiences, her writing process, and her inspirations. Susan also touched on the fear she had of sharing her writing and being rejected and how she overcame that fear…. She even shared a lot of practical writing exercises that would help the writing process. In short, I loved Susan’s fun, inspiring, and educational presentation.”

Rebekah Hosford

Museum Assistant, Grout Museum District

“Susan Dennard had an incredible impact on my students last year. Getting to listen to an author speaking right to them was so inspiring for all of them (and me too!!).  The students all felt so important that an author took the time to connect with them via Skype.  She easily related to them and shattered the belief that to be an author you have to write perfectly on the first draft. She helped to inspire my students to read and write more.  During the remainder of our school year, students often referred to Dennard’s writing strategies.  She proved to be a great role model for my class and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future!”

Jennifer Kelly

8th Grade ELA, Woodstown Middle School

“Susan was extremely easy to work with, very entertaining, and so sweet! We would Skype with her again any day!”

Delana Smith

Librarian, Westview Highschool

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