Laurel Hill

“Laurel Hill was a graveyard on the steep, rugged hills beside the Schuylkill River. Because it was several miles north of Philadelphia, it had always been undisturbed  and peacefull. Though, if all the corpses had risen…Well, that meant hundreds–perhaps even thousands–of Dead.”

-Chapter 7, Something Strange and Deadly

Overlooking the Schulykill River. Laurel Hill Cemetery was created in 1836 as a “rural” or “garden” cemetery. The grounds were meant to be inviting and well-tended with shaded walkways and frequent gardens.

As odd as it might sound to people nowadays, back then, cemeteries were seen as places to hang out! The forests and paths attracted people for walking or carriage rides. Why, in 1848, over 30,000 people roamed Laurel Hill between April and December alone.

What’s most impressive about Laurel Hill, though, is that it’s still around today. In fact, the cemetery’s entrance is still guarded by the same white building.