Vacation Time!

So, I’ll be away the next week…  The blog will be abandoned like an Old West town…  Or an ancient ruin.

::cue tumbleweed::

I’m going to EGYPT!  With the Frenchman!

It was a totally last minute idea, but I can’t express to you how excited I am.  I’ve always wanted to see Thebes (a.k.a. Luxor), and since book 3 of The Spirit-Hunters is set in Egypt, it only makes sense that I should go VISIT.

I mean…right?

This is a research trip.

Okay, and a lounge on the Red Sea beach trip.  And I’ll probably indulge in some reading…and sleeping…and relaxing.  But research will also be on my To Do List!

You tell me: Where have you always wanted to go?  Any locations you need to visit for “research”?  Have you been to Egypt?