Kick-booty Chicas and other Very Important Questions

POLL TIME AGAIN. Why?  Because it’s fun.  Plus my buddy Madeleine specifically asked me to.  In case you’re wondering who I’ve shown above, we’ve got Princess Leia from Star Wars, The Bride from Kill Bill, Rogue from X-men, and Zoe from Firefly.

(Oh, and I just had to include some pictures of cute guys.  I just can’t resist, and there can never be too many, you know?  Left to right: Aloe Blacc, Daniel Henney, and Ryan Reynolds)

Alright, alright.  Enough ogling.  We’re moving on to Very Important Question Number 1:

[polldaddy poll=4286125]

I honestly don’t know who I would choose from that list.  I’ll have to consider this very carefully.  Weigh zombie-experience against death-wielding-prowess.  Now Very Important Question Number 2:

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There’s been all this crud about Disney and their princesses.  Well, I like most of their princesses.  (And I love what Meg Cabot had to say about it).  And this leads us to Very Important Question Number 3:

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I have to be honest, my FAVORITE animated Princess isn’t even from Disney.  It’s Anastasia from Fox’s Anastasia.  Seriously, Dimitri is the most smokin’ hot cartoon character ever created.  Plus, he’s voiced by John Cusack, who (though he’s not that cute) has a totally sexy voice.

Okay, one more question, and I’ll leave you alone for now.  But this is one is Really Very Important Question.  You have to answer it, okay?  Good.

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Finished?  Well, be sure to tell me which heroines I missed!  Oh, and any specific requests for future polls?