7 “random” things about me

Thanks to Julie for this award and to Meredith for reminding me it exists.  I get to share 7 “random” things about myself…

1. I’m a marine biologist with a focus on data analysis — in other words, statistics.  So I can’t use words like “random” or “significant” without thinking of them from a math point of view.  It makes me SUPER DORKY, and I can’t call this blog post “7 random things about me” without cringing…  I mean, these aren’t truly random things (taken with no discrimination whatsoever) — I chose them, and that makes them inherently non-random.  DORK, right?

2. My parents raised me as a vegetarian. I had no choice in the matter.  My mother would not cook meat (she’s all about the animal rights), so no one in the family got to eat it.  When I went to undergrad, I started “experimenting” with meats.  At first I would get sick because my stomach didn’t have the enzymes to digest it, but now?  I can proudly say I consume pork, fish, chicken, turkey, and…  Well, I’m still working on the beef…

3. I’m obsessed with my dog. I realize this is probably because I don’t have kids to obsess over, but seriously, my Irish setter, Asimov, is my moon and my stars.  I ADORE HIM.  It’s kinda terrible and pathetic because I have pictures of him on Facebook and nothing else…  But seriously, he’s just soooooo sweet!!  My cats come in a very close second.  And yes, the Frenchman knows where he stands on this list — it is third.  (Disclaimer: This is a trait I inherited from my mother who also loves her dogs more than anyone else in her life.  Blame her, not me.)

4. I have a purple belt in karate. And I have a green belt in kick-boxing.  I started karate when I was 21 because I had always wanted to (ever since I fell in love with Rocky from the 3 Ninjas), and I finally stopped being scared of failure.  3 Ninjas + Sooz.

5. I’m a James Bond fangirl. Not just a little one, but a MAJOR one.  Kinda like with my Nancy Drew obsession, I did a speech on 007 for my Speech Communications course in undergrad.  I can name every movie, the names of the villains, the gadgets, the cars, and the actors…  My favorite one is Dr. No.  Oooh, or From Russia with Love…  Oooh, or maybe Live and Let Die.  Early Bond just can’t be beat.

6. I am terrified of the dark. Not dim darkness but pitch black.  If I can’t see anything, I start shrieking and hyperventilating and all-around MADNESS ensues.  Massive massive panic session.  I keep a nightlight on for this reason.

7. I saved all my baby teeth when they fell out. They are still in a box in my childhood room…  GROSS, huh? My five-year-old brain thought this:

What if, one day, I’m poor and need money? If I save all my teeth now, I can cash them in on that fateful day and be saved from poverty!

Very smart, little Sooz — thinking ahead.  BUT… 1) the tooth fairy doesn’t exist, and 2) even if the tooth fairy did exist (or my mom was willing to take teeth in exchange for cash still), I only got 50 cents a tooth.  That’s a total of $10.  Yes, that will buy me a new Barbie, but it won’t lift me from the throes of destitution.

You tell me: What are some “random” things about you?  Do you share any similarities with me?  If you wanna partake in the Beautiful Blogger Award, then snag the image and share 7 things about yourself!