A Favor from my Friends…and compensation!

So, I’m rather mortified to be asking this.

A truly deep blush burns my cheeks as I type…BUT, we’re all friends here, right?  You all are my buddies; I’m yours.

So ::cough, cough:: I’ll just say it:

I need a favor.

I can’t have my own Facebook Page until I have 25 people “like” it.

I have 23, which means if 2 of you kinds souls could go


and click “like”,

you would be helping me immensely.

Truly, I hate promoting myself like this. I hate FORCING you to do something you might not wanna do.  It’s embarrassing; I’m ashamed. And if it weren’t for the stupid 25-people-rule, I wouldn’t be bothering you about it.

To say “thank you!”, I’ve made a pretty graphic you are more than welcome to use and share!  If you want the code, here it is (it links back to me, but you’re absolutely welcome to adjust the link!) or you can just right-click and save the image.

<a href=”https://susandennard.com/”><img title=”OnceUponATime” src=”https://susandennard.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/OnceUponATime1.png” width=”349″ height=”400″ /></a>

So now, I shall sign off and go crawl under a rock.

You tell me: Do you have a Facebook Page?  If so, tell me where it is and I’ll be SURE to return the “like” favor!