COVER REVEAL, or Something Strange & Deadly gets a face

I am so, so, SO excited to finally share this with you all.

All you wonderful people who leave me comments and email me and put up with ramblings…all you amazing readers who make my heart melt everyday. TODAY I CAN FINALLY SHARE MY COVER.

I’ve had my cover since July, and the pretty model on it has been staringΒ mournfully at me for months, whispering at me to share her with the world, begging me to put her up on Goodreads…


I unveil to you, my dearest friends and readers, the cover for Something Strange and Deadly.


The model is wearing an original, handmade dress (COOL, HUH?) and the photoshoots for books 2 and 3 have already happened–in more amazing gowns, I might add. (Though I have yet to see any pics from said photoshoots…)






And they are freaking stunning. The cover, the spine (oh, how I just adore the spine), the back (which has my picture!), and even the beautiful chapter headings…

I am in raptures.








(sorry about the glare. I am NOT a photographer. That’s what I have the lovely Amanda Plavich for.)

But to show you how truly exciting this moment was for me, I’ll just share this (embarrassing) video of me getting my ARCs in the mail and acting like an all-around GOON. (In my defense, I was just so happy. Also, the music is totally stolen from Tangled. Also, also, Windows Movie Maker is 100% crap, so don’t judge my movie-makin’ skills by this video.)

So, if you want to get your hands on ARC, keep your eyes LOCKED ON THIS SITE. I will be giving copies away–though when that will be, I can’t say exactly…early 2012?

That said, if you’re really raring to get your hands on a copy (and I mean, who wouldn’t be, right? ;)), you can alwaysΒ  email me at susan (at) susandennard (dot) com (and I’ll forward your name to HarperTeen) or try contacting HarperTeen’s publicity department yourself. No guarantees, of course, but there’s also no harm in trying!