Write Dreams Auction!

Don’t forget today’s auction! I’m offering a 50 page + query letter critique, and all proceeds go towards helping Donna’s Dream House, a home for children and teens with terminal illness.

My critique strengths in my own words:

1) I’m tough. There’s no holding back here. If I see something that’s an issue (be it a plot hole, an inconsistent character, poor dialogue tags, etc.), I point it out. ALL of it. But…that said…

2) I say it nicely. Writing and reading are so subjective, I make sure to emphasize that all my comments are my opinion. It’s up to YOU to decide if you want to listen or not. I’ve received many comments from crit partners that I’ve chosen to ignore, and I’m sure they’ve received many from me that they’ve opted to ignore. 🙂

3) I also offer suggestions for how to fix things I think are issues. If I see a flat paragraph, I’ll offer you ideas for how to amp up the emotion. If I see a character behaving “out of character”, I’ll write up suggestions for how I think the character would act. Sometimes, it’s impossible to see our own issues–much less come up with solutions! Oftentimes, an outsider can spot things and find ways to fix problems that you’re simply too close to the story to catch.”

Bidding is open until January 22nd 10.00PM GMT

Bidding is in POUNDS (£)