Boba Fett is a Hottie (Star Wars Life Thoughts Part 1)

So, when I was visiting Sarah J. Maas over the holidays, we got to talking about our shared love: Star Wars. We’re both pretty obsessed, pretty familiar (she even more so than I—that girl is a STEEL TRAP for movie quotes), and pretty anti-prequels (seriously, episodes I-III are BAAAD).

We actually talked A LOT about Star Wars…and we might have watched the originals…and analyzed them with far more depth than the average watcher. Ultimately, though, we came up with two VERY important points:

1. Boba Fett is THE HOTTEST character (possibly even more so than Han Solo)…but only so long as you ignore those da**ed prequels and their da**ed stupid Boba Fett-backstory.

2. Darth Vader’s “secret” as Luke’s father should be protected from our children at all costs. (I’ll talk more about that on Wednesday).

Now back to Boba Fett. Why is he so hot, you ask? It’s all about the mystery, my friend. (Okay, and the rusted, rogue-ish armor, giant guns, and utility belt…but MOSTLY, it’s about the mystery.)

Who is the man behind that sexy mask?

What kind of man is he? I mean, who can drive that undeniably phallic space ship without looking like a macho jerk?

What kind of man can act as Vader’s go-to guy for all bounty hunting needs yet also jam with the ladies at Jabba’s Palace?



via Adam Brown

One badass sexy man is who.

So badass and sexy in fact, that Sarah and I have decided Boba Fett is blessed with this face:

This body:

via NY Times

And this personality:

So now, let’s see…how can we use what we know about Boba Fett’s sex appeal in our OWN stories?

  1. Masked characters are an easy way to add tension to your story. There’s just so much room for potential there (and, admittedly, disappointment…) that readers are left turning pages to figure out who’s behind the mask.
    • Examples: Zorro, Batman (or any superhero, really), Robin Hood
  2. Hero’s with swagger have a lot of natural appeal. Just look at Han Solo (who positively oozes swagger) or James Bond. There’s no denying that a guy with confidence (or a gal with confidence) attracts immediate interest for readers.
    • Examples: Han Solo, James Bond, Flynn Rider (Tangled), Logan (Veronica Mars), Mal Reynolds (Firefly)
  3. Criminals. CRIMINALS! It’s that whole bad-boy-thing. Can the heroine change him? Is he a real criminal or does he have a good heart underneath all that body armor?
    1. Examples: Dimitri (Anastasia), Han Solo, Logan (Veronica Mars), Mal Reynolds (Firefly), Robin Hood

Notice, a lot of those guys are repeats…because usually, for a criminal character to be appealing, he’s got to have some sexy swagger. Then, add in a dose of Masked Mystery, and you’re on your way to one smokin’ hot hero.

You tell me: Who do YOU think is behind Boba Fett’s mask? Are you as into A Man With An Air of Mystery as Sarah and me??