Throne of Glass is finally here!

So, this is one of those posts that’s hard to write primarily because I don’t even know where to start.

Today is a Big Day–not just for Sarah J. Maas and all of her thousands and thousands of fans–but for us here at Pub(lishing) Crawl too.

Sarah was one of the founders of Let the Words Flow, and LTWF was–of course–where Pub(lishing) Crawl got its start.

Sarah was also (perhaps still is?) one of the BIGGEST and MOST POPULAR authors to ever grace the pages of Fictionpress…and of course, LTWF originally got it’s start thanks to the wonderful community that is Fictionpress.

And amazingly, Sarah started her THRONE OF GLASS journey ten years ago.


Can you guys grasp how long that means we’ve all been hanging on her every word and waiting for this day? The day when Celaena would finally leave the online forums and wind up exactly where she deserves to be: on our shelves.

I know whatever I say will run the risk of sounding cheesy and over-the-top, but I also know I’m not the only person who has been waiting–not patiently at all, I might add–for years and years for THRONE OF GLASS to finally hit stores.

Look, we all work hard to write our novels. I don’t know a single author out there who doesn’t pour their entire soul into their stories…

…But how many of us can say we spent 10 years not only pouring our entire souls into a book, but sharing our souls with each and every reader? To every fan that reached out, Sarah gave her whole heart. For every reader who wanted more Celaena, Sarah wrote more scenes, more chapters, more books. And to every writer who ever asked for help, Sarah lent her hand.

And she STILL DOES IT. Despite receiving hundreds of comments and tweets and Facebook messages each day, Sarah still takes the time to answer everyone.* How many authors do you know like that? Not many.

Yet, it’s that blatant, unconditional love for her readers that has made us all fall in love with Sarah’s worlds and characters. We all know the person on the other side of the page has just handed us everything she has to offer–we can feel it. Generosity and a true love for storytelling transcend the page. I mean, who can say they didn’t feel every heartbreaking emotion Sarah must have felt as she wrote THE ASSASSIN AND THE EMPIRE?**

It’s no wonder that THRONE OF GLASS has been hailed by Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Romantic Times, and many more critics. And it’s no wonder Sarah’s fans are desperate for any and every word they can get from Celaena’s world. THRONE OF GLASS is not only storytelling at it’s finest, but it’s emotions at their deepest.

Oh, I can already tell this has turned gushy. I can practically hear Sarah’s husband grumbling at me from SoCal: “Sooz is being creepy again.” And to him I say, “I’m not just Sarah’s friend, you goof. I’m also her FAN, and if you ask any of Sarah’s other fans , they will otally understand where I’m coming from.”

So, while today is a day of GREAT CELEBRATION for all of us fans who have waited and waited and waited for THRONE OF GLASS–who have waited to finally be able to buy a copy and shove it in our friends’ hands, saying, “Read this! NOW!”–today is also a day of celebration for the author behind it all.

Sarah: I know you’re too humble to realize this, but you deserve every ounce of fame and the glory that today–and the rest of your career–will bring. You have earned it by not only writing a truly amazing story, but by always giving, giving, giving to your fans. You loved us and you wrote for us, and now it’s our turn to pay you back by buying the book, spreading the word, and making sure your book reaches as many people as it can.

Happy release day, Sarah. I think I can safely say that I speak for all of Pub(lishing) Crawl, all of Let the Words Flow, all of Fictionpress, and all of your fans when I say, “Congratulations. We love you.”

And also when I say, “Thank GOODNESS it’s finally out.” 😉

And now, to all of our PC readers, help give back to Sarah all that she’s given to us. Tweet, Facebook, comment, and even shout if you feel so inclined about  THRONE OF GLASS. And–if you do–make sure you enter our giveaway for a signed copy of THRONE OF GLASS. Just fill out the form below.

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*I actually had to step in yesterday and demand Sarah stop answering things! She has been KILLING herself by still trying to respond to everyone, and honestly, the girl needs a break! So, if you email/message/tweet at her today, please be forgiving and don’t expect a response. She should enjoy her big day without having to spend it at the computer, no?

**I have never met another author who cries more when she writes the tough scenes. Or the happy scenes. I have called her before, only to hear her SOBBING. I’ll think someone has died, she sounds so devastated…but no. It’s “just” a character’s death.