Current Musical Obessessions

I’m BACK! I got home laaaate Friday night and have spent the weekend unpacking and reminding my dogs that I do love them, even if I abandoned them for 2 weeks. 

Now, while I catch up on emails that I should have caught up on whilst visiting my parents last week (instead, my dad and I marathoned Teen Wolf. Seriously, if a 59-year-old man can get into that show, then it says something about how GOOD it is…and it’s really goooood), I’ll leave you all with my current musical obsessions.

And when I say obsession, I mean I have listened to NOTHING but these songs on repeat for the last week.

First up, we have a “Annie You Save Me” by Grafitti6. I’m not a huge fan of the video, but man, do I love the song. I popped it in our stereo yesterday, and the husband went, “Hey, what’s that? Turn it up.”

Very catchy. And no surprise, I discovered it on Teen Wolf. 😉

 Next, I’m jamming to “New Lands” by Justice. My husband got me into this French band last fall, but somehow, I totally missed this song. Not only is the song awesome, but the video is really BAMF.

My BIGGEST obsession right now, though, is Woodkid. I first heard of this French artist (jeez, my husband is so SMUG about all the French bands on my playlist) early last year with the BALLER Assassin’s Creed Revelations cinematic trailer…

I didn’t know Woodkid had since come out with more songs–and even a full album. I literally discovered this while sitting at the Atlanta Airport for 4 hours last Friday…and then haven’t stopped listening to the album, The Golden Age, on repeat since. SO. GOOD.

This first piece, “I Love You” is really lovely, but when I saw the video, I realized it was actually a lot more powerful than I first realized. The rhythm and lyrics almost hide the true depth. Since Woodkid makes his own videos (he was a music video producer before he became a singer), I think he can really share the full story of his music through his videos…and whoa, there was more going on to this song than I realized.

Note: the song doesn’t actually start until 1:32.

My second-to-most-favorite song (or just second favorite song?) from The Golden Age is “Conquest of Spaces”. I love the music that so perfectly fits the lyrics and then the chorus is just…ahhhh. So beautiful.

And now, my FAVORITE Woodkid song, and my current BIGGEST musical obsession. “Run Boy Run” is just so…wow. Wow. This song is epic, exciting, and just packed with a story. I love the video Woodkid made to go with it, but I can also imagine a thousand other tales that fit perfectly with the lyrics and music.

This song is amazing, guys. Especially at the 0:59 and after. Prepare to be blown away.

So, that’s my musical menu at the moment. You tell me: What are you jamming to?