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As you can see, I have written hundreds of articles over the years. However, I stopped updating this page in 2017 — not because I want to hoard my advice, but rather because of how much time it takes me to keep this page updated.

So if you want the latest articles, then be sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter, where I regularly link back to old and recent content!

Thanks for understanding!

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On Publishing

Nuts & Bolts of Traditional Publishing

Learn the basic steps you have to take to get a book deal with a traditional publisher.

On Writing

Plot, Character, & Craft

New to writing? Need help plotting your novel or developing your characters? You’ve come to the right (or write?) place. (Disclaimer.)

Productivity & Writer's Block

Increasing Productivity

I have read tens of books on productivity (like, legit, tens of them). I’m especially interested in creative productivity. This blog series compiles and shares everything I’ve not only learned but also implemented with great success. (Disclaimer.)

Writing & Publishing Support

Publishing Support

Got a book deal or are just curious about what it’s like after the sale? These posts might help you out.

Other Resources

My Writing Playlists

I’m very much a musical writer–I can’t create without the perfect tunes to back me up. Find out how I discover music (and learn what I listen to!) here.

Hi! I’m Sooz!

I’m a New York Times Bestselling author of fantasy, horror, steampunk, and more!

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