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The Hunter Trials

Welcome to the Hunter Trials, a chance for young Luminaries to join the ranks of hunters who defend against the forest’s monsters each night. Though perilous, you are not entering the forest wholly unprepared. Use your training from the Sunday estate, apply your lessons from the Nightmare Compendium, do your best to stay alive…

And remember: you only get one chance.


Trial #1 Slay a Nightmare

To pass the first trial, the Rulebook says, an applicant must track and slay a nightmare without any interference from an adult.

Share Pre-Order Campaign

Share information on the pre-order giveaway campaign for The Luminaries!

Share Luminaries Graphics

Share official graphics for The Luminaries on social along with information about the book!

Welcome to Hemlock Falls

Encourage new LumiNerds to join our community by sharing information about the origins of our tale!

#FavoriteBoops Challenge

Share your favorite #boops from other media — and be sure to mention the #boop in The Luminaries too!

#joinTheHunt Aesthetic

Create an aesthetic for any social media platform that evokes nightmares, dark forests, and hunting. See a passage under “Assets” for more inspiration!

Grand Prize

Did you participate in all five of the challenges for the First Hunter Trial? If so, you’re qualified for the Grand Prize: a bound manuscript of The Luminaries, a signed Witchlands box set + signed Sightwtich, and signed copy of Alexandra Bracken’s Lore

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