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How To Get Traditionally Published

Learn the basic steps you have to take to get a book deal with a traditional publisher.

Querying and Synopsis-Writing


On Writing

Planning Your Novel

Plot, Character, & Storytelling Tools

New to writing? Need help plotting your novel or developing your characters? You’ve come to the right (or write?) place. (Disclaimer.)



On Revision


On Productivity

Increasing Your Writing Productivity

I have read tens of books on productivity (like, legit, tens of them). I’m especially interested in creative productivity. This blog series compiles and shares everything I’ve not only learned but also implemented with great success. (Disclaimer.)

Facing The Fear In Writing

A lot of people will say writer’s block isn’t real. I call bull sh** on that. I’ve faced it many times, and the biggest culprit I’ve found is fear. This blog series will show you how I overcame my fears and how you can too.



Publishing Advice

Got a book deal or are just curious about what it’s like after the sale? These posts might help you out.

Writing Advice

Sometimes writing just…sucks… There’s no way around the crappier parts, but trust me: you’re not alone!!

Critique Groups & Beta Readers


Resources: Books, Music, & Genre

Finding Music to Write By

I’m very much a musical writer–I can’t create without the perfect tunes to back me up. Find out how I discover music (and learn what I listen to!) here.

Writer's Review

Looking for a book on writing? Or, want to know if a book is useful before you buy it? Then check out my reviews on these writing resources:

Genre Definitions

For those hard-to-define genres — the ones that fall between cracks or overlap into other realms.