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The Witchlands Series

Praise for the Witchlands

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A Locus Award Finalist: Truthwitch
A Dragon Award Winner: Bloodwitch
A YALSA Top 10 Nominee: Truthwitch
A Goodread Best Books of the Month: Truthwitch
An Amazon Editors' Selection: Truthwitch
An Indie Next List Selection: Truthwitch
A Goodreads Award Semi-Finalists: Sightwitch, Bloodwitch

“There is a sureness to [Dennard’s] writing, a seamless understanding of what makes a solid fantasy, and two feisty heroines who are able and willing to save themselves rather than be saved. Fantasy readers will sink comfortably into this world, and await with pleasure the next installment.”

– Booklist

“Truthwitch has it all, strong female characters, adventure, magic, romance, and non-stop action that will leave you breathless!”

– Maria V. Snyder, NYT Bestselling Author

“…emotionally charged continuation of the Witchlands series…complicated politics and personal relationships [are] full of surprises. Readers will want nothing more than to see Safi and Iseult reunited in the midst of the action and mystery that carries this story at a fast clip.”

– RT Book Reviews

“A fantasy saga for the feminist generation.”


“Worldbuilding after my own heart. So good it’s intimidating.”

– Victoria Aveyard, NYT Bestselling Author

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard is so, so, so great – epic fantasy, epic adventure, epic friendship.”

– Kate Elliott, NYT Bestselling Author

“Dennard is a talented juggler, and readers may gasp for breath from the pace, but she doesn’t let anyone slip through the cracks. She sets scenes so skillfully that the descriptions of the geography become immersive, and the characters continually develop along familiar lines. The plentiful action in this exciting fantasy almost makes it feel like one is in a multiplayer online game.”

– Booklist on Windwitch

“Sometimes, from not even halfway through a book, you know that you’re going to make everyone you know read it. It’s a book that, by the time you get to the end you crave the next book as if it were the most addicting chocolate on the planet. Truthwitch is that book for me. Gorgeously written, elegantly built, and perfect for ANY reader–Truthwitch is something you will not want to miss. Seriously.”

– Rachel Strolle, Anderson’s Bookshop

“To me [Windwitch] as a whole is the perfect sequel to Truthwitch! Our knowledge of The Witchlands grows as we explore new places and we’re introduced to new characters who will entice you.  Windwitch is unputdownable and unforgettable it’ll leave you wanting more.  It is the perfect blend of action, suspense, heartbreak, shocking and swoon worthy moments.  It’ll keep you coming back for more.”

– Melissa Lee, Blue Bunny Books

“A world you’ll want to inhabit forever!”

– Alexandra Bracken, NYT Bestselling Author

“Two devoted friends dreaming of independence contend with unfathomable magic and the schemes of empires in this action-packed series opener…Epic adventure and steamy smooches make for a crowd-pleasing formula.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Full of intriguing, complex characters and innovative plot elements–not to mention some pretty rockin’ action scenes–this was a story I couldn’t put down. I highly recommended it to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy thriller, and I can’t wait to see what comes next in the series!”

– Bethany Ayres, Schuler’s Books

“Susan Dennard’s Truthwitch is a wildly original adventure full of fantasy, legend and political intrigue.  But better than all of that is the fiercely loyal friendship of Safiya and Iseult.  These two young women are simply amazing and, maybe, just maybe, they are destined to change the world!!  I cannot wait for more of this epic story!”

– Laura Donahoe, Malaprop’s

“Get ready…because Bloodwitch is going to blow your mind. The Witchlands series is back with higher stakes, new tricks and a deeper dive into this already epic world. Readers are in for a treat as more of the world is explored and Dennard continues to dazzle with nonstop action, beautifully crafted characterization and stunning prose. Fantasy at its best as the last page leaves your adrenaline pumping, heart broken and a yearning for more!”

– Katie Stutz, Anderson’s Bookshop

Starred Review. “…Dennard’s rich descriptions, insightful characterizations, and breathtaking action sequences will keep readers on their toes.”

Publisher’s Weekly

Truthwitch has all of the elements I savor–a richly imagined magical world, ruthless politics, steamy romance, and characters who grab you and won’t let go. At its heart, a partnership between two strong young women who might change the world.”

– Cinda Williams Chima, NYT Bestselling Author

“Featuring vibrant characters and an innovative system of magic, Susan Dennard’s Truthwitch is a fast-paced adventure and a wonderful tribute to the power of the binding ties of friendship.”

– Jacqueline Carey, NYT Bestselling Author

“From the first page, Bloodwitch sucked me back into the incredibly immersive world of the Witchlands! It’s hard to find a book in which I can’t wait to read every character perspective, but with these characters — each connected by threads of friendship, love, and loyalty — I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next! Placed in Dennard’s stunning world and amidst her compelling plot, they had my heart racing and oozing emotions! Bloodwitch is the best Witchlands book yet! If you have yet to journey to Dennard’s world… well, what are you waiting for?”

– Meghan Vanderlee

“Full of magic, unbreakable friendships, and purpose, Truthwitch is absolutely everything I look for in a fantasy. Dennard’s stunning prose weaves a lush and wonderful adventure tale that has already hooked this reader and will utterly enchant everyone else.”

– Gaby Salpeter, Books of Wonder

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard is like a cake stuffed full of your favorite fantasy treats: highway robbery, swordplay, deep friendships, treachery, magic, piracy on the high seas, and romance. If you like any or all of the above in the fantasy tales, this book will delight you.”

– Robin Hobb, NYT Bestselling Author

“This is an all-action, white knuckle adventure that kept me enthralled from the first page. Beautifully written, brimming with magic, and all about the power of friendship – don’t miss this one.”

– Angela Mann, Kepler’s Bookshop

“Truthwitch is a fast-paced and quick-witted story of magic and international intrigue. Dennard weaves the threads that connect the characters and their unique abilities into a complex but never tangled pattern of power, friendship, and magical awakening. Give Truthwitch to readers who love vast world building and fantasy novels with equal parts humor and high stakes.”

– Tirzah Price, Great Lakes Book & Supply

“Brace yourselves for this heart pounding, gut wrenching, spellbinding third installment to the Witchlands. You may even need to stop and catch your breath.”

– Melissa Lee, Bluebunny Books on Bloodwitch

“…emotionally charged continuation of the Witchlands series…complicated politics and personal relationships [are] full of surprises. Readers will want nothing more than to see Safi and Iseult reunited in the midst of the action and mystery that carries this story at a fast clip.”
– RT Book Reviews on Windwitch