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Frequently Asked Questions


What’s with all the octopuses?

They’re my favorite marine creature! I have a Masters of Science in marine ecology, and these creatures were always the most fascinating to me (although no, I didn’t work with them). They are just so incredibly clever, and there’s something so beautiful in their sentience.

P.S. If you haven’t seen My Octopus Teacher yet, that documentary only made my love for them grow even more!


Wait, I thought the plural of “octopus” was “octopi?”

NOPE. This is a common misconception. “Octopus” is actually a Greek word, so the truly correct pluralization would be “octopodes.” But no one says that. Not even scientists, who stick with “octopuses.”



I DO NOT KNOW. 😭 I am working hard on the next book, but the release date is ultimately up to my publisher. When I have a date, I promise to share!


How many Witchlands books will there be?

Don’t hate me, but I can’t answer that question! 🙈 There are Publishing Reasons why we have kept this number under wraps for…well, years now. When I have permission to announce the number, I will!

But look — I won’t leave you completely hanging. There are going to be at least 5 books in the series. 😉


Do you have any news on the Witchlands TV show?

I do! I do!! But…I’m not allowed to share any of it. 😭 I promise (cross my heart, hope to die) that as soon as I am allowed to tell you guys all the coooool things, I will!

Get more TV news here!


Will Sightwitch be published in the UK?

I hope so! But right now, it’s not an option. Basically, the decision to publish Sightwitch was kinda last minute — too last minute for UK publishing timelines. As such, Tor UK had to pass.

HOWEVER, you can buy Sightwitch from stores in the UK! It’s the American edition, but it is available for purchase on your side of the pond.


Will you publish your books in my country?

Gosh, I would love to! But it’s not really my choice, in the end. If you want to read the book in your country, then be sure to let your publishers know! They are the ones that ultimately decide whether or not my book ends up on your shelves.


Please come visit my town!

That’s not a question! 😉 But I’ll answer anyway.

I’d love to come to your town, but it’s not really my decision. It’s up to local stores (or schools or book clubs) to invite me! So if you want to see me — or any author! — then let your local stores/schools/clubs know!


Where can I get signed copies of your books?

Why, I’m so glad you asked! You can learn about signed copies right here.


Will you read my manuscript / query letter / synopsis?

Unfortunately, I get asked this so often that I’ve had to put up a blanket “no-reading” policy. I rarely read for my author friends anymore, in fact! I hope you can understand.

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