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In attempt to meet deadlines and get more books written, I have purposefully made myself difficult to reach. It’s nothing personal — y’all know I love you. As such, I have an assistant who answers all emails, and she summarizes all messages for me once a week.

So if you want to ask a question or just want to let me know something, then go ahead and send your message to susan [at] You’ll hear back from Sam soon!

For other types of requests (subsidiary rights, events, etc.), see the below contact addresses. And of course, never dismiss the power of handwritten snail mail. Nothing makes me happier. ❤️


Samantha Tan
Contact regarding events, signed copies, and all other inquiries.

Literary Agent

Joanna Volpe
New Leaf Literary & Media, Inc

Film Agent

Pouya Shahbazian
New Leaf Literary & Media, Inc

Foreign Rights

Veronica Grijalva
New Leaf Literary & Media, Inc

Snail Mail

New Leaf Literary & Media
Attn: Susan Dennard
110 West 40th St., Suite 2201
New York, NY 10018

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