Asimov, the man

As you’ve probably figured out, we named our Irish Setter puppy after Isaac Asimov, the prolific science fiction writer.

It’s not just because I enjoy his works either–and I do, let me tell you.  Robot series and Foundation series, amazing.  I also really admire the man, though.  Listen:

  • He wrote or edited over 500 books.
  • His works have been published in 9 out of 10 of the main Dewey Decimal System categories.  He wrote mysteries and science fiction, wrote about astronomy, math, Shakespeare, the Bible, and chemistery.  Wow.
  • He started selling sci-fi stories by the time he was nineteen.
  • He had a Ph.D. in biochemistry and was a professor at Boston University’s School of Medicine.

How can one person accomplish that much in one life-time?  Needless to say, I think he was amazing.  Still is amazing, in fact, since his books are still enjoyed, his stories made into movies, and his name given to my dog.

Perhaps it’s wrong of us to bestow such a name to our pup, and I really have no defense for that.  I wanted a unique name, a way to connect with other Asimov fans, and something I could say repeatedly that would always leave a good taste in my mouth.  I’ll make sure to name our first-born Isaac, okay?

Wait–don’t hold me to that, please.


P.S.  He was a claustrophile too–can you imagine that?  He loved small, enclosed spaces and as a child wanted to own a magazine stand in the subway…double enclosure.  Woah.  Not for me, thanks.

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