Um, who said swan babies were ugly? 'Cos I only see lots of fluffy cuteness.

Finished!  The first draft of my second book has reached The End.  Wunderbar!

Now it’s on to the massive revisions.  And they will be massive, but I am so excited to start — I love editing and improving what I’ve already created.  It’s like getting a diamond from the coal…  Okay, terrible metaphor.

How about a swan from an ugly duckling?  Or a butterfly from a caterpillar?  Or how about a canyon from a riverbed?  They’re getting worse and worse, aren’t they?  Don’t answer that.

From a half-formed glob of story, my novel will metamorphose into something that people want to read.  Well, that’s the goal at least.  Just as Michelangelo sculpted in order to free the form inside the stone, I will refine, polish, smooth, and chip away at my own story until the masterpiece within is released.

And no, of course I’m not comparing myself to Michelangelo.  The point is that the first draft is only the beginning.

So, in honor of this story’s completion, I’ll tempt you with its title:

Miss Eleanor Fitt and the Spirit-Hunters

and its logline:

A high-society young lady in 1876 Philadelphia must join a team of ghosts-hunters to stop an army of walking corpses and wicked spirits that have taken her brother and now threaten to destroy the city.

Vague, I know, but hopefully it’s enticing nonetheless.  Now, on to the revisions!


This is MC Mong in Horror Show.