Website complete!

Phew! After much toil, tears, and temper-tantrums, I finally managed to create my very own, bright and shiny website.  Aren’t you proud?  I sure am.  I definitely did not know what I was getting into when I set out on this task.

Like, I had heard of HTML.  I mean, I knew that all websites were based on something with those letters…  H. T. M. L.  I knew it was a coding system.

Sure, I thought, I can handle that.  I understand the logic of coding because I have to use it in my research all the time.  One code is like another.  No prob.

Reality (a.k.a. Alice Anderson, my Website Creation 101 teacher) cleared her throat.  “Not quite.”

“Well, I’m not afraid,” I retorted.  “I’ll give it a try anyway.”

“Sooz,” she continued in soothing tones, “I’m afraid there’s more to it than just that.  These days people also use something called C-S-S and P-H-P.  These are separate realms — nay, galaxies — of code you’ll have to learn.”

“Pshaw!  I can handle this.  Bring it, Website Design.”

Yes, well…  It brought it.  In fact, it devoured me and then spat me back out covered in CSS-spit and with left-overs from its PHP-lunch.

Website design ain’t easy for a newbie.  Especially a newbie with no software to help her along the way.

But was it worth it? Hell yeah.  I’m beaming with pride at my creation.  There are still some kinks, some pages to be set up, and some problems I’m sure I’ll uncover along the way, but…

Isn’t it just lover-ly?  It’s got Puss in Boots in the header — Puss in Boots!!  And I put a knight on a horse in the bottom corner…and then, over there on the left, there’s a bug sitting on a mushroom.  And it’s all in pretty, happy colors.  I am just delighted with the product of all my hard work.

Now leave a comment and tell me what you think.  Any suggestions?  Any dislikes?  I’m open to opinions!  (Though, do be gentle, please.)