We now interrupt your regularly scheduled program…

To all my dear readers, I apologize for my blogging infrequency the last week.  It’s probably going to continue for quite some time.  But there is a reason — and it’s a valid reason!

I’m revising Miss Eleanor Fitt and the Spirit-Hunters.  My months of preparation are finally in the application stage.

After finding every possible problem, from conflict to character, from props to language, I am now intimately familiar with all the holes and errors in my manuscript.

After finding solutions to every problem, mapping out my approach, and confirming no stone was left unturned, I am now intimately familiar with the book that my manuscript will become.

And now I get to actually make it all happen!  I get to slash with the red marker, move sections around, fine-tune my prose, and best of all, write the scenes that are still needed for a complete plot.

It is so much fun — I kid you not — that I spend every waking moment working.  If I’m not working (like, when I’m jogging or forcing myself to take breaks for food), then Eleanor Fitt and her cronies are coming to life in my mind.  This is better than Disney World, and I LOVE DISNEY WORLD.

Of course, there’s no way to do this work quickly.  I’m only managing about 2 scenes per day…and there are 90 scenes in the book.  Er…  That puts me finishing the first round of revisions sometime in May.

Revising takes me longer than writing, and that’s fine.  I really, truly love revisions.

Well, I’m off to work once more.  I’m in the midst of a séance scene — wicked spirits and oozing corpses abound.  Happy writing!