Novel revisions course for practically FREE

So, the fabulous Holly Lisle is offering her 7-Day Crash Revision Course for only $5.

Do you know what this means? This means you can bask in the glorious glow of Holly’s wisdom for practically nothing. And, being who she is, she doesn’t just give you the course for $5, she also gives you access to her forums, her affiliate program, and samples of her other courses. She calls it How To Revise Your Novel – Lite.

Look, I’ve already declared my feelings for Holly’s classes, but I’m just gonna do it one more time in case you’re still waffling about signing up.

I have a lot of books on writing and I’ve taken a lot of writing workshops, so when I say Holly Lisle is the best writing instructor, I’m pretty qualified to do so.
She teaches you how to approach your fiction as career, and she guides you step-by-step through the process (that’s her How to Think Sideways course). Even better — and my all time favorite writing course everis her How to Revise Your Novel course which teaches how to take your first draft and, no matter how crappy it is, turn into the novel you want.

I depend on the methods she teaches, and there’s a reason her classes fill up (all 200+ slots) almost instantly.

So, the fact that you can buy her How to Revise Your Novel Course – Lite for only $5 is unbelievable. I already took it, and trust me, it is worth way more than the mere five bucks she charges.

So, here’s one more chance for you to sign up.

Happy writing!


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