13 more blogs all novelists should follow

It’s been almost a year since I first made my 13 blogs all novelists should follow, and I decided an update was needed.  While those 13 blogs are still invaluable resources to the aspiring writer, I’ve come across many more to peruse.

Besides, don’t we all want more excuses to surf the internet and avoid working?  Yes, I believe we do.

  1. Writer Unboxed
    • Great advice for writers on all points of the publication path.  Regular contributors include Donald Maass and Juliet Marillier.
  2. Let the Words Flow
    • I discovered this blog thanks to a commenter on my first 13 blogs all novelists should follow, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  These ladies offer help, comfort, and entertainment for the newbies and the multi-published alike.
  3. Adventures in Agentland
    • Newer agent Natalie Fischer offers her incite into the writing/reading world, advice for aspiring writers, and humor about all things written.  Don’t miss this great resource!
  4. Kidlit
    • Agent Mary Kole offers oodles of help for writers plus an inside look at the world of chidren’s publishing.  A must have blog for any YA writer’s RSS feed.
  5. Write for Your Life
    • Iain Broome has created a slew of writing resources — not just novelists, but journalists, memoir-writers, and hobbyists too.  With videos, podcasts, and articles, this is a great place to head for writing inspiration.
    • This is The Blog to follow for updates on children’s publishing and writers.  Plus, there are always fantastically humongous contests running.  Don’t miss it!
  7. Patricia C. Wrede’s blog
    • Yes, The Patricia Wrede has a blog, and yes, it’s chock-full of writing advice.  Though the titles of her blog posts are always ambiguous (they don’t prepare you for the topics discussed within), the content within each post is overflowing with experience, advice, and wisdom.
  8. Jennifer Represents…
    • Agent Jennifer Laughren blogs on the good, the bad, and the in-between of publishing, agent-ing, and writing.  Definitely don’t miss this blog.
  9. Literary Rambles
    • Casey McCormick, an aspiring novelist herself, has created a veritable treasure trove of knowledge for other writers.  With tips on craft, interviews with professionals, and the very famous, very useful Agent Spotlight, this is definitely a blog you’ll want to keep close tabs on!
  10. Getting Past the Gatekeeper
    • So many helpful tips for the aspiring novelist!  You will get sucked in for hours reading through this anonymous agent’s posts.  She offers advice on every aspect of publishing.
  11. YA Highway
    • If you’re a young adult novelist, this is the blog to follow.  With advice, tricks of the trade, contests, and a growing community, YA Highway is definitely where it’s at.
  12. Shrinking Violet Promotions
    • I love this blog because 1) I’m an über introvert, and 2) I’m terrified of self-promotion.  These ladies always teach me something new, and remind me that it’s okay to be shy.
  13. Dystel & Goderich Literary Management blog
    • These agents are always posting new thoughts, fresh advice, and helpful suggestions — and when I say always, I mean they post a few times a day.  It’s great to get to know the various agents’ personalities, not to mention to absorb their great tips via osmosis.
  14. Hyperbole and a half
    • Yeah, that’s >13, and yeah, it’s not a writing-related blog.  But…  IT’S JUST SO DARN FUNNY!  You have to go there.  Now.  And cover your mouth so you don’t giggle out loud at work.

Happy writing and happy reading!