Fantasy Book Winner!

Today marks Day 1 of NaNoWriMoOr, as I may end up doing, today marks Day 1 of NaWriSoWoDoButProLeTh50kMo (National Write Some Words Down But Probably Less Than 50,000 Month).

Are you in!?  Add me as a buddy (stowersd) and get ready to WRITE.  We’ve got to get in 1,667 words today.

And to get you excited and your creativity flowing, I’m gonna announce the winner from Sooz’s Giant Giveaway Extravaganza Day 1.  Oh, and if you’re looking to win more AWESOME FREE STUFF, head to The Insect Collector’s Giveaway.

We have a WINNER!

Monday’s Extravaganza prize was a fantasy novel, and the winner gets to choose one of the following books:

And that lucky winner is……..

Katharine Owens !

YAY!   Please contact me, Katharine, and let me know what your online book vendor of choice is, and also pick which book you’d like to have!  And, in case you all didn’t see it above, Katharine is throwing her own giveaway over at the Insect Collector.  Be sure to check it out!

And a special mini-surprise will go out to the following people — you win because you were a follower before the Extravaganza begin, and I love you for it!

~ Katharine Owens (you’re quite a winner!)

~ Holly                                     ~ Ian

~ Meredith                           ~ Beverly

~ Caitlin

If you guys could also contact me with your online book vendor of choice, then I can send along your mini-prize.

YAAAAAAY!  Congratulations!  And thanks to everyone for making this giveaway such a success!

Be sure to come back tomorrow to check for the next winner!