Nancy Drew: still my hero

Maybe I’m out of the loop or just plain oblivious, but I had no idea that Nancy Drew was still alive and kicking.  I thought her reign as Queen Teen Detective had ended ages ago…

Apparently not.

She’s been around in graphic novel form for a few years now…  Huh…who’d have thunk it.

Now, I’ll admit: I’m kinda a FANGIRL of Nancy Drew.  When I was 8-years-old, I decided to spend my summer vacation reading all 56 original Nancy Drew novels…  My Mom took me to the public library every single day, and I checked out two at a time…and would read them both that day.

Can we say über dork?

When I was doing my undergrad at the University of Georgia, I had to do take Speech Communications… We were required to give a speech commemorating someone.  What did I do?  I dressed up like Nancy Drew and talked all about my favorite teen detective.  (I got a 100 on the speech, too!  The only person in the class to score a perfect mark.)

Nowadays, I have a Nancy Drew (and Hardy Boys — I heart Joe) collection.  I’ve got the original books and various memorabilia.  For Christmas this year, my mom even gave me a Nancy Drew t-shirt!  It’s AWESOME.

My mom and I still joke about how FREAKIN’ PERFECT Nancy is in her spiffy blue convertible and with her cute older boyfriend, Ned Nickerson.

Let’s be honest: George was the coolest character.  She was Nancy’s BFF, and she knew judo.  Plus, she had short hair and a short temper.  She was a waaaay more dynamic character than Nancy!  Bess, Nancy’s other BFF, was whiny but also more interesting.  (I still find it hilarious and rather awful the main description for Bess was that, “She was pleasantly plump.”  What does that even mean?)

So, you can imagine that I’m kinda shocked all this new Nancy Drew stuff is around and I had no idea.  I feel like someone shoulda told me…  I dunno, like the NERDS of the world (N=Nancy Enthusiasts and Readers of Detective Stories — yeah, I actually made that up for my speech).

Ah well, I’m excited all the same.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the newest graphic novel, even though I think it sounds utterly ridiculous.

Nancy Drew Vampire Slayer

Um…  Wasn’t that Buffy?  Meh, who cares.  I still want to check it out!  PLUS, there’s a whole series of Hardy Boys graphic novels!  Wee!

Fingers crossed that Nancy, Frank, and Joe aren’t so obnoxiously perfect in these newer versions.

You tell me: Did you like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys?  Do you still like them?  Were you nerdy obsessed with any other series?