Steampunk Giveaway #2: A Great and Terrible Beauty

Let’s enjoy this Steampunk Valentine’s Day with some GIVEAWAY AWESOMENESS!

And as my gift to you, we have one of my favorites: Libba Bray’s A Great and Terrible Beauty.


I love this book.

Not just a little either, but A LOT.

Libba Bray is pretty much my hero, and her style of writing is pretty much The Best (in my opinion, of course).  For an author to jump from The Gemma Doyle Trilogy with its dark, Victorian feel to the utterly quirky and amazing Going Bovine?  Well, it makes Bray one awesome writer.

I mean, watch this video and tell me she’s not the COOLEST.

When I set out to write The Spirit-Hunters, it never occurred to me that it might end up similar in style to A Great and Terrible Beauty.  In fact, it’d been several years since I’d read the book.  But imagine my surprise and delight to have someone tell me that Eleanor (my MC) reminded her of Gemma.  So, when I queried The Spirit-Hunters, I made sure to include this novel as my comp title.

No, this isn’t a steampunk tale.  But it is Victoriana and maybe even a little gaslamp fantasy.

It’s set in England during the late 19th century, and Gemma–a heroine who’s two parts kickbutt bravery to two parts teenage self-doubt–is a girl just on the cusp of her rigid society’s concept of womanhood.  Her family has issues both dark and difficult, and she’s starting at a boarding school where she simply doesn’t want to be.

Add in terrible visions, an shadowy (though sometimes handsome) stalker, and a mystical order sworn to protect a magical world, and you’ve got pure storytelling magic.

Really, if I could send Bray chocolates for Valentine’s Day without seeming creepy, I would.

Let’s just end with: when The Spirit-Hunters reaches stores next year, I HOPEHOPEHOPE to reach some of Libba Bray’s fans.  Even if only, like, two of her fans enjoy my novel, that’d be pretty much the Best Thing.  Ever.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

And so, if you’re interested, please leave a comment below!

And in a few weeks–on February 25th, to be exact–I’ll use to select a winner.  This is open internationally!

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