Ooh la la! Paris holds the key to your heart!

Yes, that’s right: I’m headed back in the City of Lights. This time, it’s a purely business, research-oriented trip. I’ve finished most of the first (And rough–oh it’s rough!) draft of Something Strange and Deadly book 2 (which is being tentatively titled A DARKNESS STRANGE AND LOVELY), and now it’s time to fill in all the gaps in the manuscript that currently read:

<insert description of Jardin des Tuileries here>


<insert description of Richelieu Bibliotheque here>

So for the next few days, I’ll be scurrying around Paris trying to see all of the places Eleanor sees–and trying to imagine them as they were 135 years ago, when Paris looked like this:

Um, can we say SWOON? Just writing this blog post has me drooling in anticipation over my trip. Yes, I am writing this post ahead of time, and there will be posts all week long. However, I won’t be able to answer comments until next week–but I promise I will respond as soon as I have reliable internet access again!


ALSO ALSO ALSO! Be sure to check out the Let the Words Flow post today, in which Sarah J. Maas discusses the middle grade novel she and I (YES, WE, US, SARAH & SUSAN) are co-writing.

Now, you tell me: Have you ever had to travel to research for your books? Is there anywhere you want to set a book JUST so you can travel there?