So…you might’ve noticed something different…

You might have noticed that I changed the blog. It’s not completelyΒ  finished–like, eventually I’ll get a nice background going on.

But, for now, this will suffice. I needed to make a theme that was more modern and compatible with all those modern, hip, cutting edge things (what those things are precisely, I cannot say). Admittedly, I am NOT a programmer, so whenever I make a website, it’s kind of like being in a dark room…with my hands tied…and a ton of shin-height tables in my path…

All the same, what do you think so far?

IN OTHER NEWS, I’ll be out of town next week.

I’m off to Paris again for a brief, final-loose-ends-research-trip.Β  No blogging for that week–it’ll be a really busy couple of days–but I’ll return to my usual schedule October 17th. πŸ™‚

You tell me: how does the site look to you? Anything broken or not working? Love it? Hate it?