My October Music

So, it’s been a while (sort of) since I shared any music… One cool thing about living in Europe is that I discover songs and artists I’d never come across in the States.

Like this, which is from the French animated film Un Monstre á Paris. I haven’t seen it (though I want to), but I kept hearing the song in Paris… AND I LOVE IT.

This is from a Vodafone commercial here in Germany. The commercial plays below, or you can hear the whole song here. I really like the ad (even if it doesn’t make me want to buy a Vodafone)–there’s just so much potential for a story here, don’t you think?

This is Mika’s latest French single. I’m a pretty biiiiiiig Mika fan, so it’s no surprise I LOVE this. Plus, in my opinion, he gets bonus points for singing in French.

This is pretty “old” in terms of when it was playing on the European radios…but I STILL ADORE IT. Oh Land remains my favorite new artist of 2011. Her entire album is hypnotizing.

And though this is no doubt popular in the US, I actually heard it in Paris (since I saw the movie in Paris). It’s from Drive, and if you haven’t seen that film yet, I HIGHLY suggest you do. It’s amazing.

And finally, here’s a variaton on a song I’ve shared before…a song I LOVE because it’s my Revisions Theme Song. This is the acapella version of “Break My Stride”.

You tell me: What have you been listening to lately? I’m always on the lookout for more music…