Being a Dog Person

I’ve talked about my dog, Asimov, a lot. I’ve shared his picture and gushed about how cute he can be. I tend to talk (a lot) about him to people that don’t really care…

But that’s just who I am. I love my dog as much as a person.

I know, people think it’s “wrong” or “weird” for me to value a dog’s life as highly as a value a person’s. I know that people think it’s because I don’t have children–“Oh, if you had kids, you wouldn’t be this way.” But, I don’t agree. This is how my mother is, my aunts are, my grandmother was… It’s in my blood to feel a life-connection with dogs.

Then, a few days ago, I read this post, and in between all my tears, I finally understood WHY I love dogs so much. WHY my dogs that died years ago still have the power to choke me up. WHY I would spend every dime I have on Asimov if he got sick or hurt. WHY some of my happiest day-to-day moments are when it’s just me and the dog.

There’s nothing that will make you feel more alive–make you appreciate the brevity of life–quite like having a pet will.

I know not everyone will relate, but I know a lot of people out there will.

So you tell me: are you a dog lover? Do you have a dog or pet now that means the world to you?