Bookplates, ahoy!

As some of you saw on Twitter two days ago, I got BOOKPLATES in the mail!


I’m pleased by how they turned out–for a self-produced endeavor (ah, the wonders of Moo), they don’t look half bad.

Though, I must thank the amazing Amie Kaufman for the idea behind this design:

She read Something Strange & Deadly a few weeks ago and immediately emailed me with this genius idea: I know what you can write at signings! AIM FOR THE KNEES!

For those of you who haven’t read the book (which is, of course, most of you), Aim For The Knees a reference to how Eleanor fights the Dead. It only takes a single blow to take out a person’s knee–and without a knee, they can’t walk (or shamble, rather)–so Eleanor’s parasol sure comes in handy when she’s facing the walking corpses.

ANYWAY, if you’re interested in having a bookplate, just fill out the form below! Assuming I don’t run out of the bookplates (or money for stamps!), I’ll mail these out to anyone who wants ’em.

Now, say it with me: Huzzah!

Sorry! I ran out of book plates! I’ll be sure to give away more in the future, though!