My Current Writing Music

I’m deep in the trenches of my Screechers rewrite. I’m almost to 50K, and thankfully, I’m not sick of the story yet. 😉 I’ve cut a lot from the original manuscript and written in new POVs to show the same scenes. It has taken time, and I’ve had to plan this book out more than any other book I’ve written. Otherwise, there’s no way for me to get ALL the POVs and plot threads to finally meet up at the end.

But why am I rambling about this? What I wanted to share was my current playlist. A lot of what I’m listening to is from the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations original score, which I highly, highly, highly recommend. It is just…mind-blowing.

I’m also listening to the Transformers score a lot, and my latest obsession is the original score for the PS3 game, Journey.

Here’s my World Theme Song. Whenever I need to just sink into the world, pick out visceral details, and imagine it’s scope, I listen to this:

This is my Anti-Hero Theme. It’s Starker’s song. He’s A guy with no home. A wanderer with a tendency to burn through cash and resort to less savory methods for getting more. Plus, he has some major arrogance issues…

And this is the City Chase Scene Theme. It’s for all those times Echo, Starker, and many other characters find themselves on the wrong side of the Protectors (a.k.a. the military police).

Here we have the Final Showdown/Slow-mo Theme. It’s for the epic climax when everyone’s plots finally intersect in an explosive (literally) showdown.

This track is my Making Hard Decisions Theme. Can Echo trust Starker? Should the Boy Emperor listen to his head or his heart? Should Lachme keep fighting a fight she know she can’t win?

Now we come to my current OBSESSION. Not only am I obsessed with this score, but I’m obsessed with watching the game play (the game is Journey, btw). Specifically this one part–it is literally one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen (especially at the ~15 min. marker). I mean…look at it! Doesn’t it make you just…sigh? It has inspired a whole, unexpected plot about Lost Identities and Miracles.

And here’s the most popular track from that soundtrack, and it has lately become my Big Changes Afoot Theme, or the music for that resolution after all the action has passed and the characters are preparing for new futures…new sequels. 😉

I could literally listen to this soundtrack all day long…and I guess I have been lately!!

You tell me: what are you listening to for inspiration right now?