NaNoWriMo 2012 FINISH!

AND WE’RE DONE!!! Or…almost. Today is the last day to write as much as you can and then validate your word counts! Don’t forget to validate–otherwise your word count isn’t…well, it isn’t counted and you don’t get labeled as a winner.

For those of you with less than 50K, that is STILL AWESOME. I don’t care if you only wrote 50 words–you still have more than you started at with, and that will always, ALWAYS be an accomplishment. I think I’ve said it on more than one occasion on my blog: writing is hard.

Actually–haha–in the middle of NaNo, I had a chat with my agent about some issues with my novella (that I am currently revising and slowly dying over–WHY IS THIS STORY SO HARD FOR ME?!), I literally wailed on the phone, “No one ever tells you how haaaaard this whole writing thing is!” Because they don’t–except for me because apparently I like to complain.


Okay, back to NaNo goodness. I have done the least amount of writing this week out of every week so far. I actually had been shooting for at least 60K in book 3. I failed. I failed and it makes me sad. 🙁 BUT, like everyone, I have more than I started out with and THAT makes me happy.

This week, I was listening to A LOT of different stuff because I finally discovered the awesomeness that is Spotify and made a playlist for Something Strange and Deadly

And I obsessively listened to “Fright Night” by Ramin Djawadi–from the movie Fright Night. I even listened to it while I was jogging and pretended I was being chased by zombies. It was AWESOME.

Oh, I also watched way too much of The Walking Dead and Hell on Wheels. I am so obsessed with antiheroes–I don’t know why, but Daryl and Cullen are currently my most FAVORITEST men on TV. Of course, y’all know me–I’ll be obsessed with something else soon enough. 😉

Actors from THE WALKING DEAD and HELL ON WHEELS. So much manliness, my mind is exploding.

All this musical and TV inspiration at least made for some interesting writing…Here’s my draft snippet for the week–don’t judge the first draftiness!!

Daniel and Eleanor have just crash-landed from a zeppelin outside Cairo…

He swallowed, glancing down at my hand on his chest. Then he flinched. “You’re hurt—oh hell, you’re bleeding.” He yanked up my right sleeve, and sure enough, blood was sliding down my arm.

A giggle broke through my lips. “I must have cut myself in the trees.”

Daniel’s brow furrowed. “I don’t see why it’s funny.”

“It doesn’t hurt,” I declared, but Daniel ignored me. He set to rolling up my sleeve, and moments later, once my bicep was exposed, his breath came hissing out. It was a huge gash—the sort that would need stitching. The sort that should be causing ferocious pain.

Daniel met my eyes, worried. “We need to get that tended immediately.”

“Pshaw.” I pulled my arm free from his. It was tender, but nothing I couldn’t handle. “I told you: it doesn’t hurt.”

“And how is that possible?”

“Magic,” I replied flippantly. “Spells are like laudanum. Better, even.”

Yet as Daniel’s face stiffened, I realized I shouldn’t have uttered the word. Shouldn’t reminded him of what I had done in the sky…Of what I had running through my veins. I shouldn’t have said anything.

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AAAH! We’re at the end of NaNoWriMo–CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!