My Current Jams

Rather than my usual trailer music, movie score, videogame soundtrack fare, I’ve been listening to some actual tunes with lyrics. I generally don’t keep up with modern bands, and at Edgefest, my friends Sarah J. Maas and Erin Bowman were getting pretty grumpy with my totally negative attitude toward new alternative rock (I think my issue is with the word “alternative” which I still associate with the grunge kids of the 90s. Yep, I’m that old).

Well, I take back my anti-modern-music declarations (hear that, Erin & Sarah? YOU WERE RIGHT) because I discovered two bands at Edgefest that I adore. Capital Cities makes me want to shimmy and slide (and they were the only band to get almost every author signing to dance!) while A Silent Film makes my heart all achy and tender.

That last video TOTALLY made me cry. As does the song pretty much every time I hear it.

Also, I should point out that both the Capital Cities and A Silent Film sounded brilliant live. I often find bands suck live (they can never properly reproduce the quality of sound they have on their albums), but these guys actually sounded IDENTICAL. They were both amazing.

Somehow, I also randomly rediscovered an old favorite–Ween. For those of you too young to know Ween, they were one of the strangest experimental bands pretty much EVER. They got a lot of attention for being incredibly talented while also making some of the weirdest music you’ll ever hear. Plus, they were the first band (at least the first I know of) to start sharing their music for free on the internet–and this was during the tie of Napster. So way back. They would live stream performances and basically offer their fans free access to their tunes. It was revolutionary at the time. 😉

Here’s one of their totally normal songs…

And now here’s one of their REALLY WEIRD songs. That I adore.

It gets super epic at around the 2:15 mark.

You tell me: what are YOU listening to right now?