BEA Shenanigans, ShinDig Live Chat, ARC Giveaways, the YAGB Tour, and A DAWN MOST WICKED!

I am officially out of town as of yesterday (I am actually writing this post early since I know I’ll be on the road non-stop from now until June 15). YIKES. But there is SO MUCH to fill you all in on.

Let’s start with my crazy BEA schedule for all of you who will be in NYC next week (EEEE! I CANNOT WAIT!):

Sooz’s Spectacular BEA Schedule

Wednesday 5/29

Teen Author Carnival @ Jefferson Market Library — 6:30-9:30 pm

I will be doing a panel with Erin Bowman, Sarah J. Maas, and Kat Zhang at the Teen Author Carnival–and we’ll be with 13 other YA authors. Full list is here.

Thursday 5/30

BEA — all day

I’ll be prowling the expo with my tour mates and other authorly friends. Look for me!

Friday 5/31

♦ ♦ Signing @ BEA — 10:30-11:00 am ♦ ♦

I will be signing FREE HARDCOVERS of Something Strange and Deadly.

I will also have tons of FREE SWAG to sign and giveaway.

I will ALSO have an awesome, super-badass, you-need-to-enter RAFFLE
for 5 ARCs of A Darkness Strange and Lovely,
5 Aim for the Knees t-shirts,
and 5 copies of the e-novella A Dawn Most Wicked.

Saturday 6/1

Interview with ShinDig — 12:40-1:00 pm

I’ll be prowling the expo with my tour mates and other authorly friends ALL DAY.

Plus, I’ll be at the ShinDig booth for a live-streamed video chat at 12:40.

Now for those of you who WILL NOT be at BEA next week (which is, I imagine, most of you), there is also a live chat on Saturday…


Sooz’s Spectacular ShinDig Chat

  Join me for Live From Book Expo! Yep, as cheesy as it might sound it’s TOTALLY TRUE. And I’m not the only author participating! There will be 3 exciting days of online author talks from the floor of BEA to a computer near you. Check out the stellar lineup of best-sellers!

I’ll be answering questions from viewers at 12:40 on Saturday 6/1

so come ready to video chat! And be sure RSVP for an e-mail reminder at

Also feel free to share the link with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

I really hope to see some of you there. 🙂 If NOT, then don’t forget our AMAZING YOUNG AUTHORS GIVE BACK TOUR schedule!!


Young Authors Give Back Spectacular Tour

Sunday 6/2

Main Point Books in Bryn Mawr, PA

We’ll be doing a workshop at 3:00 (register here) and then a signing at 5:30!

Monday 6/3

Mighty Writers in Philadelphia, PA

We’ll be doing a workshop at 6:00 (register here)!

Tuesday 6/4

Barnes & Noble in Philadelphia, PA

We’ll be signing books at 5:00 PM!

Wednesday 6/5

Baltimore Public Library in Baltimore, MD

We’ll be doing a workshop at 6:00 (register here) and then a signing right after!

Thursday 6/6

Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, PA

We’ll be doing a workshop at 6:00 (register here) and then a signing right after!

Penguin Bookshop in Pittsburgh, PA

We’ll be signing books at 7:15 PM!

Friday 6/7

Coventry School in Cleveland, OH

We’ll be doing a workshop at 4:00 (register here)!

Mac’s Backs Books in Cleveland, OH

We’ll be signing books at 6:00 PM!

Saturday 6/8

Medina County Library in Medina, OH

We’ll be doing a workshop at 1:00 (register here) and then a signing at 3:15!

Tuesday 6/11

Schuler Books in Grand Rapids, MI

We’ll be doing a workshop at 4:00 (register here) and then a signing at 7:00!

Wednesday 6/12

826CHI in Chicago, IL

We’ll be doing a workshop at 6:00 (register here)!

Friday 6/14

Anderson’s in Naperville, IL

We’ll be doing a discussion/panel at 7:00 and then signing right after!

PHEW, that was a lot to type out and PHEW, it’s going to be a long few weeks. I think we might all be half-dead by the time we reach Chicago (sorry, Chicago peeps!).

I imagine a lot of you can’t make the tour, so don’t miss out on all the various giveaways for an ARC of A Darkness Strange and Lovely!


Sooz’s Spectacular Giveaways

Goodreads ARC Giveaway!

This runs until June 10, and you can enter it here.

1000 Facebook Likes Celebratory Giveaway!

This runs until June 2, and you can enter it below.

Also, I should note that when I called out for 3 more people to like me on Facebook, I never expected to get SO MANY PEOPLE to help me spread the word! As of writing this post, I wound up with 76 more likes instead of just 3! You all are AWESOME, and this is why I love you so very much. ♥

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And stay tuned for more giveaways–specifically on launch day for A Dawn Most Wicked!

Oh, and there’s still all the FREE COPIES OF SS&D that I’ll be signing at BEA next Friday.

And don’t forget the SUPER EPIC RAFFLE you can enter at BEA too…



Sooz’s Spectacular Novella

I can’t believe this e-novella releases in just a few days. 11 days, to be exact.

I’m nervous because, unlike with full books, there are no ARCs to go out ahead of time–no advanced galleys for readers to review (and perhaps rip to shreds). I have no idea what people will think of Daniel’s story, and all I can do is hope for the best.

Because I’m proud of this 130 page novella.

Really proud of it.

It was not easy for me to write–I just couldn’t get into Daniel’s head or find his voice. Mechanically I could make it all work, but I knew–even after 4 drafts and over 200 pages thrown away–I knew I still hadn’t found the Right Story.

And then I did find the Right Story, and the words poured out like magic. I suddenly understood who Daniel was (and the way I’d always seen him, which is the way Eleanor sees him) was actually completely wrong. So as I wrote his story, I discovered who he was, where he came from, and where he really wanted to go.

Honestly, I sobbed like a baby writing this story.

But now I understand Daniel, and now I understand how to get my Muse to cooperate. 

While I don’t hope to make you sob with the novella, I do hope to make you feel something. And I hope you can understand Daniel the way I do now. Plus, I just really want to entertain you all since that’s the whole reason I write. 🙂

So mark your calendars for June 4, and if you feel so inclined, then preorder from Amazon or Barnes & Noble or wherever you buy your digital tomes.

Oh, and join me on Twitter on June 4! I’ll be tweet-partying to celebrate the novella’s launch and hosting some more GIVEAWAYS!!!


Alright, this is all I have to share for now. I won’t be around for a while, so I apologize in advance. I swear I’m not slacking off. In fact, as I type this post, I have 176 pages in book 3 revisions left to work through BEFORE leaving town tomorrow. Ha. Here comes the espresso. 😉