$1.99 e-book of Something Strange and Deadly!

In case you haven’t already seen me obnoxiously tweeting this announcement, the $1.99 sale for the Something Strange and Deadly e-book is STILL running! You can buy the book at any of your usual e-tailers, and the offer runs until 7/14/2013.

In other news–while I have you here–I’ve updated the Something Strange and Deadly website. It is, I hope, a bit easier to navigate. Plus, I’ve added some historical content to go along with A Dawn Most Wicked. Check it out if you have a chance. Oh, and historical content for book 2 will be coming along soon. 🙂

In other FREAK OUT NEWS, book 2 releases in only 19 days. O_O I am amazed that the past year has flown by this quickly. Where oh where did it go?

Well, that’s all I really have to share at this point. I’ll be back Friday with a meatier post full of quality goodness. 😉 À bientôt!

Oh, and because I can’t stop listening to this, here (and you’re welcome):