Resources for after NaNoWriMo (or any first draft!)

You’re ALMOST to the end!! One day left to reach your NaNo goals–to hit that 50K word count mark or to revise your manuscript or whatever it is you set out to do this November.

You got this. I know it…and heck, maybe you’ve already typed “The End” or maybe you said, “Screw this” on day 1. Doesn’t matter. What matters is that you DID something, and that’s always better than doing nothing.

And now, to help you on your journey after NaNoWriMo, I’ve compiled a list of resources both on my blog and across the web.

Also, before I share those resources, I want to offer you all an ENORMOUS THANK YOU! Thank you so, so, so, SO much for making the NaNaNoWriMo Bootcamp so awesome! For interacting with me for the entirely too brief 2 weeks that I was doing NaNo. For joining in the #BAMFWordBattles and cheering each other on. And for making this hands-down THE BEST NANOWRIMO YET! I cannot possibly express how much love I have for you all or how amazing this November 2013 was for me. ♥

Now enough of my yapping. Onto the helpful list!!


Helpful Revision Resources


Helpful Resources for Getting a Literary Agent


Helpful Publishing/Industry Resources


Other Generally Helpful and Awesome Resources

So there you have it. It’s not the longest of lists, but hopefully you can find something helpful on there. And of COURSE, share your own favorite online resources in the comments!

Happy last days of NaNo, my friends!! (And P.S., I get back next week and should return to blogging later in the week. ♥)