Mighty Pens Critique Auction

Image from Every Mother Counts
Image from Every Mother Counts
To raise money for our Mighty Pens fundraiser this year, I’m auctioning off several critiques! This year’s cause for maternal health is especially personal to me after I almost died in childbirth earlier this year. You can read more about what happened to me here (TW: near death, childbirth, blood).

The auction begins at 3PM ET, 11/20/2020 and will close at 3PM ET, 11/25/2020.

To bid, please leave a comment below stating:

  • Which item you are bidding on, including the #
  • How much you are bidding

When the auction ends, if you are the winner, I will leave a reply to your comment and ask you to email me for next steps!

Good luck! And thank you for helping make birth safe for everyone!

P.S. If you want to donate without entering the auction, we will GLADLY take any and all donations! Thank you!!