Vote for the next official Witchlands art!

Since Witchshadow released a month ago, I thought it might be fun to celebrate by commissioning some new Witchlands art…

I already knew exactly whom I wanted to hire (Patricia Vázquez Ibáñez), but I just couldn’t decide on the WHAT. I have so many favorite moments in the series, and I know readers do too. So I thought, Why not put it to a vote? Let readers choose what they want to see! 🤔

And so the poll below was born! Please, vote for YOUR favorite scene — or the scene you want to see brought to life — and whichever is in the lead on August 6th at 3PM ET is the winner!

HOORAY! I can’t wait to see which scene wins, and I can’t wait to see that scene illustrated! Vote below!


Which scene from the Witchlands do you want made into art?

Truthwitch, Chapter 15: Safi + Iseult as the Cahr Awen atop an ancient lighthouse
Windwitch, Chapter 35: Iseult cleaves a Firewitch in the Contested Lands
Bloodwitch, Chapter 50: Iseult cracks the ice upon a Well
Witchshadow, Iseult Flashback: Rook King revealed
Witchshadow, Chapter 44: Iseult and Gretchya face a shadow wyrm
Witchshadow, Chapter 57: Aeduan and Iseult amid snowy ruins
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