Book Club Recap & Final Winner!

I am at Dragon*Con right now–probably wondering the booths for a new Star Wars t-shirt–so I’ll keep this brief.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the Something Strange & Deadly book club, both here and on Epic Reads.

You all are truly quite amazing and I love you for it.

On that note, the winner of last week’s giveaway (for a SIGNED copy of Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass + signed copies of SS&D or ADS&L) is…

Sara of the Page Sage!

Thank you so much, Sara! And everyone else who joined in and was generally AWESOME throughout August. There are not enough ♥s to express how much I appreciate your interactions.

To everyone who signed up for the participation prize: Because I am out of town for the next two weeks, it will probably take me a bit of time to get you your prizes (A Dawn Most Wicked or an extra scene from A Darkness Strange & Lovely). Please bear with me–I haven’t forgotten you!!

If you still need to sign up for a participation prize, you can do that here. 🙂

And, in case you signed up but didn’t have a chance to participate, here’s a recap of all the month’s posts, discussions, and extra content.

Week 1

Discussion questions + historical extras

Listen/watch me read chapter in Something Strange & Deadly

List of discussions across the web

Week 2

Discussion questions + historical extras

Musical playlist that goes along with chapter 19 from Something Strange & Deadly

List of discussions across the web

Week 3

Discussion questions + fun extras

My dream cast for Something Strange & Deadly: the movie (that does not exist…yet)

List of discussions across the web

Week 4

Discussion questions + fun extras

Musical playlist that goes along with the opening scenes in A Darkness Strange & Lovely

List of final discussions across the web

Enjoy! And again, thank you. I’ll be back to the blogosphere in 2 weeks. À bientôt!

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How to Make a Steampunk Gun

Steampunk gun: a device to blast away all things mechanical and paranormal.  Your costume just isn’t complete without one.

But once you’ve made your steampunk gun, well…  Mad werewolf on the loose? No sweat.  Giant clockwork kraken at your door? You got this.

The simplest way to make this gun is to head to your nearest Wal-Mart/Target/K-mart kinda shop and invest in a cheap Nerf gun.

Here’s the one I bought (though I think I only spent about $9), and you’ll notice A LOT of people use the same gun.  But there are other rather awesome options, like this.

The only other tools you need are:

  1. Spray paint in gold and silver (you should still have this from the goggles!)
  2. A very tiny Phillips-head screwdriver.
  3. Gold and silver embellishments (also like you used for the goggles and the utility belt). (Read more…)

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How to Make a Steampunk Utility Belt

Steampunk utility belt: the place to carry your Tools of Awesome–or to just hang onto some spare change. Whatevs.  No matter what you choose to store, you’re gonna look STEAMPUNK-TASTIC wearing it. (Read more…)

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How To Make Steampunk Goggles

Printable PDF Version Here *

Steampunk goggles: the perfect gift for any occasion — birthdays, anniversaries, whatever.

A simple present that says, I care enough to want to protect your eyes from gas explosions, zombie claws, and wayward automatons.

Or maybe you simply want a pair for your  steampunk costume–that’s certainly why I set out to make mine (seen in the photo right).

The best part of these “brass goggles” is that making them is cheap (<$20 if you spend wisely) and easy (unless you’re clumsy like me–then it just takes a little extra care). (Read more…)

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