Michael Crichton

Current Favorite Reads: a Michael Crichton Binge

I’m out of town (yay! Visiting friends in warm ol’ Texas and TOMORROW IS EDGEFEST!!!), so I thought I’d make today’s post simple. A month or so back, a reader asked,

What are some of your current favorite reads?

I love that there are two covers--one with the demon and one with the angel character. CLEVER!

Well, as of this week, I’ve been on an “old-books-I-read-but-don’t-remember” kick. I started on Sunday, with Good Omens (my World Book Night giveaway book).

I zoomed through THAT amazingly hilarious book in an evening.

And guys, it wasn’t my “normal” reading genre. Lately, all I read is adult fantasy, adult romance, and occasional YA. But Good Omens is straight humor.  It’s speculative fiction layered with more clever jokes than you can imagine…and just as I had when I’d read it at age 18, I adored it on Monday. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.

So after finishing Good Omens, I thought: why not read other old favorites I’ve forgotten? Why not read…(insert me rummaging through moving boxes of unpacked books)…Jurassic Park? I was a huge Michael Crichton fan in junior high, but I really didn’t remember most of his books. Plus, scientific thrillers and heist books really aren’t my usual diet. (Read more…)

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Remembering Writers Past

“The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.”

–Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

As bizarre as it may sound, I still find it utterly depressing when I think about Douglas Adams’ passing in 2001.  It’s been almost nine years, and yet my heart gives a little clench whenever I see his books on my shelves.  And that final clip of his face in the Hitchhiker’s movie?  Yeah, that can jerk a tear or two for me.  He was the first witty writer I ever enjoyed.  I mean, who else could have answered the ultimate question of the universe with 42? (Read more…)

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