The Luminaries



The forest is dangerous for a Luminary untrained…


On the day of Winnie Wednesday’s sixteenth birthday, she expects to be initiated into the vast world of the Luminaries—a global organization charged with fighting nightmares that terrorize the world each night.

But when the Dianas, a group of witches and the Luminaries’ mortal enemy, get to Winnie first, she finds herself caught between preserving everything she has ever known…

Or the total destruction of it.

On June 2, 2019, I started a “choose your own story” on Twitter based on an urban fantasy project I tried to sell in 2013. I never could have guessed how much the story would explode from there!

With thousands of people participating, The Luminaries has grown into an entire online community. Each day, I add to the story, and readers vote on which action they want Winnie take.

And you can join in the story too! Just click on the tweet below and start reading!

Part of an ancient order called the Luminaries, Winnie and thousands of others protect the world from 14 spirits that slumber beneath the earth.

Read the fan-made guide to the Luminaries world, compiled from my own #TheLuminariesFAQ!

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The Twitter story begins on June 2, 2019 and continues in a single thread all the way up to today’s latest installment!

To follow along and interact with the community of #LumiNerds, check out #TheLuminaries hashtag on Twitter.

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