The first novel of the Witchland series is ALMOST HERE! Join me to celebrate the launch of Truthwitch! Starting tomorrow, I’ll be discussing stuff like best friends, new years resolutions, and of course, fantasy books, tv and movies! And all in the spirit...

Charity Auction #2: Good Work Foundation

It’s that time again! Time for a charity auction to help raise money for different causes close to my heart. This month, I want to raise money for the Good Work Foundation. GWF’s dream is to provide digital learning centers and access to world class...

Charity Auction: Win a Critique + Truthwitch ARC

  Hey guys, in an attempt to do my part for the world, I wanted to start an initiative to raise money for different causes close to my heart. The idea is that every 2 months, I will pick a different charity or NGO and then auction off some items —...

Vengeance Road Round-up!

It’s here! Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman is here! If you all haven’t heard me gush about this book yet, then you’re about to. This book is SO incredible and SO unlike anything out there. You’re immediately thrown in the insanity from page 1,...

Current TV Favorites

Because I’m currently obsessed with iZombie and looking for ANY excused to talk about it, I thought today’s blog would be about the TV I’m enjoying right now. (And I’d LOVE for you to chime in with your favorite shows! I’m always on...

How I Got Into Martial Arts

I started karate during undergrad. I was 20 years old; it was the start of my junior year. I’d wanted to do martial arts ever since I was about 8 years old and saw 3 Ninjas. (Oh man, Rocky was my true love!) But, being painfully shy and super embarrassed by my lack of...

Changing the Focus of My Blog

Hi everyone!! *waves frantically* It has been 2 months since I last posted–can you believe it? It doesn’t actually feel that long, and I won’t lie: it has been great for my creative self to not have to worry about blogging. Because, here’s the...

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