The Merit Badger

I am in the FLOW with my revisions.  C’est fantastique!  Je ne peux pas arrêter!

In fact, I have a new theme song that’s keeping me rocking and motivated as I wrap up The Spirit-Hunters for the Great Agent Hunt.

Yeah, that’s some 80s awesomeness for you to rock out to.  Admit it — you’re feeling pumped now too.  And that means you’ve earned this Really Good Day Badge.

Wait — you haven’t heard of the Merit Badger?  Well, sit down and listen:

This gal named Em has created specialized badges that you can earn much like a Girl Scout earns badges. I was a Girl Scout until I was way too old 18, so I swoon at the mere concept.   My swoon transforms to seizures when I see how awesome the badges look.

AND — as if it isn’t already cool enough — Em makes Merit Badges specifically for writers and readers!

Yeah, so I’ve earned a lot, but rather than inundate you with all my achievements (and woo-ee doggies, are there a lot), I’ll just show you one I’m especially proud to have earned.

I share books. I borrow books. It makes me Capital Cool.

Okay, two because this one is just that awesome.

Grammar Ninja. If you split my infinitive, I’ll split your NECK.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out all the great badges for which you might qualify, and wear them with pride.