Steampunk Jewelry — I wants it

I’m officially in love.  And no, not with my husband (though I do love him too).

I am in love with these handmade lockets…and pocket watches…and earrings.  The Enchanted Locket — that’s the name of this store — and OMG, I want everything in it.  All of it.

Scratch all that — I neeeeed everything this craftswoman is selling (my precioussssssss).  I’ve already asked for, like, 5 of her amazing wares for Christmas.  Just look at these and tell me they aren’t (as the name implies) enchanting?

This one could be MY BOOK.  Skulls?  Steampunk?  Spell-books?  It’s The Spirit-Hunters!

And this one…  ::sigh::  So dainty, so shiny, so unique.

And doesn’t this one make you want to start carrying a pocket watch?

“Excuse me, can you tell me the time?”

“Why, yes I can — from the OWL IN MY POCKET!”

Okay, enough gushing.  I just had to share my latest obsession. (To female friends and family: you know what you’re getting for Christmas.)

What do you guys want for Christmas?  Any jewelry that you’re particularly fond of?  And what do you think of these enchanting items?


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