Embarrassing (and hilarious) typos

epic fail photos - Baby Shower Cake Fail

My friend Katharine (thank you soooo much) pointed out a rather excruciating and laughable typo in my blog name.

If you receive updates from me via Google Friend Connect, then you were seeing this:

the wussy scientits learns to write

Oh dear, my friends.  Imagine my shame to learn I was not spreading wisdom but innuendo.  Not making friend connections by making an a** of myself.

Ah, the red flush that creeps up my neck as I type this confession.

Okay, enough melodrama.  The name has been corrected to

the wussy scientist learns to write

But oh, you have to admit: it’s pretty funny.  I really can’t stop chuckling.  I’m pretty sure I’ve earned my own Epic Fail blog picture.  So MANY THANKS to Katharine for helping me dodge that Bullet of Epic Mortification.  And I hope I’ve given you all a good laugh for the day.  (Best medicine and all that.)

engrish funny - I Prefer Soylent Green

You tell me:

Do you have any embarrassing typos from your past?  Or, have you seen any worth sharing?