I Heart ‘NSync

I have a confession: I used to be obsessed with ‘NSync.  Not just a tiny obsession either, but full-on fangirl.  I loved Justin Timberlake, and my 15-year-old-self was certain we were destined to be together.

When he crooned “I want you back”, he was directing it to me.  Those baby blues made my heart pitter-patter, and that earring was le sigh.

Look at those crazy boys and their b-ball shenanigans.  For real, is there anything from 1998 that was cooler?  No.  There wasn’t.

I loved ‘NSync so much I even went to their concert in Atlanta.  While there, I paid out the nose for a set of Super Special ‘NSync Binoculars.  The stage was so far away, my friends and I couldn’t see it without those pseudo-opera-glasses to help. (Thanks to my Mom and Mrs. Gibson for joining us at the concert and allowing us to scream our silly heads off.)

The ladies at Let the Words Flow reminded me of my True Love after a heated debate over who was better: Backstreet Boys or ‘NSync.  I was, I fear, in the minority.  Don’t get me wrong, though.  I lurrrved the Backstreet Boys too — just not as much.  Although, this was a pretty cool song & video:

Ever since that discussion, I’ve been listening to ‘NSync, dancing around my house, and feeling very much like teenage Sooz (sans the JT-crush).  What a silly, silly loozah I was back in the day, but what fun it is to think about now!

But seriously, JT: it was tearing up my heart when I was with you, and when we were apart, I felt it too.

You tell me: Do you have any Boy Band love?  How about embarrassing obsessions from your past?  Most important of all, did you hit play above and rock out to some ‘NSync?


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